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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fine. You Guessed It! (grumble grumble)

It's time for the Comment of the Week (C.O.W.) and to announce the winner of my Girlfriends T's giveaway!

First, the C.O.W. goes to my Twitter Stalker (I kid!) Crazy Raincloud for her comment on this post- about my new class, the class I was hoping I would not need to reveal- because you were all going to forget about it and stop guessing. Silly me. I forgot about the determined Crazy Raincloud!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your guesses, which included:

- water polo
- photography
- knitting
- sewing
- pole dancing :-)
- botany
- the study of Sanskrit
- Lambada dance
- piano
- Cake decorating
- Flower arranging
- stick dressing (you gotta clue me in on this one)
- origami
- card-making
- leaded glass
- calligraphy
- creative writing
- singing
- juggling kittens
- crochet
- furniture restoration?
- clowning

Some close guesses, but it took the investigative work and persistence of Crazy Raincloud to come up with the correct answer in her comment:

"OOH OOOHHH Ballroom dancing????? um Belly dancing? something that ends with the word dancing?????

You must end this wait and speculation Carma, i will twitter you to death if you dont!!"

What class have I been taking: Belly Dancing!!!

photo credit

The fun thing is that it is for women of ALL shapes and sizes; and ALL AGES, which is why I love this picture! The bigger question: Is it for people of ALL COORDINATION LEVELS and, even bigger question: Will it make me less like marrying a man???

Remember, I said it was something that you would find totally out of character for me. Now that I've revealed the answer, please expunge it from your memory and don't follow up further with me on how the class is going. Remember, I'm a "serial hobbyist." By the time you check, I'll probably be on to my next pursuit- which is exactly why I included the list of your guesses, so it will be convenient the next time I decide to explore a new hobby..

And now, the winner of my Girlfriends T's Giveaway:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-04-24 11:14:01 UTC


Congrations Shel! I've already been in touch with her and she is thrilled to win them for her daughter and niece! Thanks to all who entered..

BTW, my new giveaway is really kinda cool if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet. The Light Poem (which is a light encased in meaningful words of your choice) and illuminated photo sculpture are my faves!
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