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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't Be Messin' with My CUB!!

This blog is about so much more than my bad posture-- it's also about my family, including my son VC.

If you are a regular follower of this fine blog, you are familiar with VC and all of his many talents.

Well, we received word yesterday that he won a prestigious PTA award and his project is now advancing to the "Nationals." I, being the doting mom, had tears in my eyes when we received the news. VC was pleasantly surprised.

The lady from the PTA wanted to show his project (a video) on the morning announcements which are televised to all the classrooms at the school.

I've written before about the "tough crowd" at the public school he attends. Tough as in overindulged bullies. VC's face became crestfallen at the thought of his video being aired to all the students at the school.

Why? Because when he accepted the County award a few months back, he evidently "smiled wrong," and was the subject of ridicule from several students afterward. WTH????? I did not realize it was now permissible to bully kids for "smiling wrong."

The video will air tomorrow. I'll post here if there are any repercussions from the derelicts.

What's a good kid with more talent in his pinky (literally) than these kids have in their entire bodies have to do to CATCH A BREAK??????

Can you tell this pisses me off just a teeny tiny little bit?

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Addendum

I felt I had better write a quick addendum to the previous posting before everyone feels compelled to take pity on VC.

I have been doing my own form of assertiveness training with him and it appears to be keeping the bullies at bay - for now. But last thing he wants is to give the morons (aka "little angels) something to pick on him about, i.e., his scholarly video.

My concern is more with the school not acknowledging that there is a problem. You can't fix what you don't acknowledge.

And now that the bullies appear to be scattering from VC and his group of friends, I'm sure they have settled on some new targets. Sometimes I feel the need to step up and make a difference. And then when I am met with a response such as the non-response I received, I think, "what the heck was I thinking?", grumble, blog about it and move on.

As long as VC is standing up for himself, I'm done.

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I Give UP!!!

[Keep in mind that this post was written on the heels of shelliing out $20 for a hamburger hat.]

So we've already tackled the fundraising, which means we are now on Day 9 of the school year.

Over the summer, kids were asked to read 30 hours and to prepare a Book Talk (which could take several written forms or video format).

Since VC's video skills are excellent, he decided to prepare a video about his book - it came out to be about 8 minutes long. When he turned it in on Tuesday, he realized that his was the only video.

It is a bit of a tough crowd at his school, especially on the playground, and if you do things that are a bit different, well then, be prepared to be harassed.

He was stressed about his class seeing the video. (since it is not cool to appear scholarly). Why he did not think of this ahead of time, I do not know.

Anyhoo, so I suggested maybe he could just present the points that were on the video to the class and that the teacher could watch and evaluate the video without having to show it to the entire class.

I didn't think this would be a big deal, so I shot off a quick email, asking the teacher if this would be possible, as he "already has plenty of issues dealing with the playground bullies without adding fuel to the fire."

In the 9 years he has been in school, I can count on one hand the times I have contacted teachers outside routine communications (and they have usually been a lesson in futility). I guess I figured this to be a good opportunity to subtly get in about the playground bullying that has not been addressed by the school.

Big Mistake.

Here's what I received back this morning: "It is fine with me, but I think he needs to start overcoming some of this. In high school and in his language arts classes, he will have to be in front of the class...."

NO MENTION ABOUT BULLIES?????? Just keep those blinders on. This is of much more concern to me than whether or not he is comfortable talking in front of the class, and I already said in my email that he would be happy to do a presentation in front of the class. Would that not mean he is OK talking in front of the class????????

And, I could give a flying flip about what will happen when he is in high school language arts. By then he will be in AP classes and no longer surrounded by f*ing morons. [Did I also mention I am hormonally challenged this week ;-)]

Barring any catastrophes, this will be my final non-routine communication with the Middle School this year. I'd rather sit and bang my head against the wall.

**Please also refer to my newer post - also posted today**

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