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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Book Time!

Just a quick commentary before getting to the book review. This week we had an abundance of taco meat in the fridge, since VC puts so little on his tacos. Not wanting to waste it, I was trying to get him to finish it up. Three days later we STILL had taco meat. So I started singing: "It's taco time. It's taco time!," as I prepared tacos for him, trying to make the meal sound all the more enticing. Although how much more appetizing can you get than 3 day old taco meat?

Well, one of the signs that you now have a full blown teenager on your hands is when said teenager deadpans, "Stop saying 'it's Taco Time' and maybe I'll like them more." Ouch.

Now, on to Book Time!
This month I read a mysterious book called The Other Side of Darkness by Melody Carlson. The story is basically about a woman with OCD who gets involved with an extremist religious cult. Fun huh? I'll summarize the book in Abbreviated Synopsis as follows:

Person with OCD + Extremist Religious Cult = Disaster

The book was well written and not a disaster in itself, but I realize it may not appeal to everyone. And those of you who are familiar with this post, fear not, as I do not know of any Cults in the immediate vicinity :-)

If you have some time, please mosey on over to Five Minutes for Books to see what others have read or are in the process of reading this month.

P.S. It's UTZciting* that there are only 4 days to go until I announce the giveaway winner! Don't miss out!
*UTZ pun courtesy of dedicated blog reader Mark


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