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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Somebody Needs to Shut His Big Yapper!

I've made no secret of my love of trashtastic gossip blogs. Sure, it is colossal waste of time and brain power. Yet, as luck would have it, my job requires only time.

It was all sunshine and roses on the blogs yesterday, until something that Perezzers ran disturbed me. It involved the self-professed Most Hated Man on earth, aka Jesse James. I had the misfortune of cleaning up the kitchen late Tuesday night when Nightline was on and I caught bits of pieces of his interview, including the part about his childhood abuse. Either it was genuine or he is a damn good actor. To me, I'd have to go with the "former" (the "former" is the first one, right? phew) especially after seeing his acting skillz in the video he made when on The Celebrity Apprentice.
I was surprised to read the post in PH today where Perezzers featured a quote from Jesse's stepmom categorically denying any abuse at the hands of Jesse's stepfather - instead calling the father 'the kindest father who would do anything for anybody.' She was apparently 'appalled' to hear Jesse say such things and that no abuse occurred in their house.

And Perezzers said he was "inclined to believe her."

Because we all know that there is no way she would lie ;-) and that she was around Jesse and his father 24/7 so there is no chance the abuse could have occurred without her seeing it. And that of course the stepfather would have told her of the abuse. Riiiiigggghhhhtttt

I'm surprised P is so quick to lean toward believing her side of the story. Abusers are sly, cowardly folk who can appear all warm and fuzzy in public. Does she really know what went on or is she trying to save face?

Yes, Jesse is a turd. And yes his "excuse" doesn't fly with me. But I tend to believe him on this one. I, aka "The Human Doormat" have a sixth sense about these things...

Jesse James: Liar or Actor of Shakesperean Proportions?
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