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Friday, July 31, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Announcing the Winner of my Giveaway!

I hope it's OK that I add a few more words:

Since our last video is insanely popular on SITS ;-) we decided to do ANOTHER ONE. (BTW, there is still time to VOTE to help me save face! click here - it is a poll and takes literally a second to vote!)

GAH, there I go plugging my SITS video, when the purpose of this post is to announce the winner of the Online Poster Printing 16 x 20 Canvas Wrapped Poster Print Giveaway - $88 value! (focus Danielson, Focus! oh, I bet the use of that phrase will get me at least 2 more votes..negative votes, that is!)

The winner said she would use a photo of the kids on a haystack. The only thing that would make the photo more perfect would be a photo of the kids on a haystack with a container of Utz!! Oh, the photoshopping possibilities!

Missed out on this giveaway? I've got another one in the works from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM BTW, it is more than just flowers that croak after a few days, you can get potted plants and herbs as well!!! I say "go for it"
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