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Top Baby Boy Names of 2017

Having a son, who was often times in a class with two other kids with the same name, I found this information interesting:

Now that 2017 is over, we can examine the top 20 baby boy names that were used last year, and even from previous years. Some Biblical-based names such as Michael, Matthew, and Daniel will always be in the top 20 names for boys. Names that were once quite popular and hip such as Gavin, Evan, and Parker are no longer in the top 20 names for boys like they were at in recent times.

Whenever parents are choosing names for their kids, whether they have a boy or a girl, they will think through thoroughly what name to use. The last thing parents want to do is subject a child to ridicule due to the name they give the child. Kids can be cruel and will not hesitate to bully if the name gives them a reason for it. Think of it this way. The fact is their child will be stuck with a name for life, or until they are legally able to change their name if they hate it. Parents may choose to name their children after beloved family members who are living or deceased, depending on their culture of course.
People also assume that very odd names like North or Apple are going to end up in the top 20 names for boys or girls, but the fact of the matter is that it simply did not happen. Even though odd names may be trending, for the most part, they still will not end up in the top 20 names. In fact, either Biblical or names that have been popular for decades find themselves on this list.

So, based on the popularity of boys names from last year, listed below are the boy names that were trending. If you are pregnant with a boy, have a look to find a classic, traditional name that might suit.

1. Noah makes it to the top, and it is a Hebrew name which means peaceful. This name has been on the top spot for several years. That means if you have a son or daughter in elementary school, you can bet he or she has several classmates with the name Noah. Your future kids will likely have classmates named Noah as well.
2. Liam comes second and it is an Irish name, which is short for William which means strong-willed warrior. This name will help the little guy make it well in life, but he could be a challenge during his childhood! Liam will certainly be quite strong-willed.
3. Mason comes third and is French for the stone worker, and it has a good hardworking feel to it. When you think of an industrious little boy, Mason is quite fitting! He won't be a slacker, that is, for sure!
4. Jacob comes fourth and has been popular for a very long time. In fact, it has been in the top 10 names for 14 years. It is Hebrew and an Old Testament name and it means supplanter. There is even a good chance that your parents may have had classmates named Jacob from back in the day.
5. William comes fifth and is of English and German origin, and means protector. Certainly, it is a strong sounding name that has been always quite common.
6. Ethan comes in sixth place, and it is Hebrew for firm and strong. Perhaps this is known to people even on an intuitive level, which explains why many of them use this name for their sons.
7. James comes in seventh place and is a New Testament name which is English for supplanter.
8. Alexander is a Greek name and it comes in eighth place which means defender of the mankind.
9. Michael comes in ninth place, and it's an Old Testament and Hebrew name which means one who is like God. It is also a name of an Archangel who is known as the protector.
10. Benjamin comes in tenth, and it is Hebrew which means son of my right hand. It’s the name of Jacob and Rachel’s youngest son in the Old Testament. Boys with this name are usually called Ben or Benji.
11. Elijah comes in eleventh and it is a Hebrew name, the name of a prophet who moved to heaven in a chariot of fire in the Old Testament.
12. Daniel comes in twelfth and it is also Hebrew, which means God is my judge. Boys with this name are usually called Danny or Dan.
13. Aiden comes into thirteenth place, and it is an Irish name which means fiery. You could have a little boy that truly is spirited that has this name.
14. Logan is an Irish name and it means meadow and became famous by X-Men’s Wolverine.   
15. Matthew is a Hebrew name and it has a smooth sound to it. It means gift of God.      
16. Lucas is of German and Irish origin which means bringer of light. It has been quite popular for a while, and it is still in the top 20 names for boys.      
17. Jackson is an English name and it sounds super cool. Therefore, if you want your son to make a huge impression, you will want to name him Jackson.      
18. David is an Old Testament name, and it is Hebrew which means beloved. It is a name that will never go out of style since it is Biblical.          
19. Oliver is of Latin origin which literally means olive tree. It is a stylish and energetic name.      
20. Jayden is a Hebrew name which is non-traditional but it means thankful. It has become popular with all the –ayden rhyming names, like Hayden and Brayden.   

There you have it - the top 20 names of boys in 2017 and even from before that. Therefore, if you are thinking of names for your future son, whether you are expecting or not, something to keep in mind in case it happens, you have some ideas of names to use if you want to use something that is common and not so unique. Because names that are overly unique again can be magnets for bullying, and your child may end up hating it as a result. 

This post was written in conjunction with ConceiveEasy. All opinions are my own...

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