Thursday, March 23, 2017

Shots Fired!

I was on FOX last night, in Shots Fired, an "event series" about a police shooting and the fallout. It is very relevant to current events. I will also appear in here and there in upcoming episodes, mainly as an administrator at the Sheriff's Department.

It is set in the fictional town of Gate Station, NC.

Here are a couple screen shots from last night's pilot episode:

...and a screen shot from Episode 3 :

Monday, March 13, 2017

Snow - and More!

So we had one inch of snow yesterday morning. And it was melted and gone by 3:00 !

Pumpkin was simply astounded when she saw the lawn coated in white...

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I am knee deep in working on the taxes - which equates to misery :P and memorizing a lengthy script for my film class "Scene Night" I play a nun - talk about typecasting LOL.

Oh and I was on The Walking Dead again last night!!! That's all for this season. What a fun ride it has been!
Playing an art teacher was a dream come true, since I spent most my childhood at an easel drawing and painting. If you can't teach art, at least you can pretend to teach it :D

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