Monday, March 13, 2017

Snow - and More!

So we had one inch of snow yesterday morning. And it was melted and gone by 3:00 !

Pumpkin was simply astounded when she saw the lawn coated in white...

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I am knee deep in working on the taxes - which equates to misery :P and memorizing a lengthy script for my film class "Scene Night" I play a nun - talk about typecasting LOL.

Oh and I was on The Walking Dead again last night!!! That's all for this season. What a fun ride it has been!
Playing an art teacher was a dream come true, since I spent most my childhood at an easel drawing and painting. If you can't teach art, at least you can pretend to teach it :D


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hubby is knee deep in taxes which makes a very cranky ass man! :-)

How fun all this acting is. Next thing I read about you in People magazine.

Charlotte Klein said...

I love that you were on the Walking Dead! So cool :) Isn't it crazy that we're STILL getting snow? I mean, I think (hope?) that's it for now, but it's still freaking cold out!

Pumpkin is freakin adorable :)

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