Sunday, May 1, 2016

Roller Skating Fail!

Not sure if I mentioned my recent fall at the rink but it was a hoot! Andy captured it on video. My wrist too the brunt of the fall and is still bruised but healing :)

Before I busted my butt lol

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here's the video: Just received the new set of wheels I ordered. Stating on 25 year old wheels on a very slick floor was not conducive to good skating... and then one of me not falling...We still like to jam skate like it is 1984


Rebecca Jo said...

I love he just keeps going & recording :) haha...
& really cant believe they allow a selfie stick on the floor. Kinda scary if he fell with it.
I so love you two still skate. Ricky & I haven't gone in probably a year - I gotta lace up!

mypixieblog said...

LOL your hubby cracks me up. He's like GOT IT! GOT IT ON TAPE! Bryan would totally do the same, lolol. Love that you go rollerskating with your hubs! So sweet :)

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