Sunday, May 22, 2016

No Promposals for Me! Thanks for the Reminder, Sirius XM

It appears that Sirius XM has automatically added "Prom Radio" to my settings. Are they trying to mock me?? Do they not know that I was not asked to my proms. That's right. Neither prom!!!
Senior year I can see, as that was the year I pulled a Britney and buzzed off my hair. But Junior year too...and I don't think I looked that bad that year; can't recall.

Anyway, it's aiiiiiight. I'll just drive around and relive those bad memories. I was likely at home watching Silver Spoons or some such while the 300 other students were having a blast at prom >:-(


mac said...

Hindsight is 20/20. I bet all those guys are kicking themselves in the butt now!

Rebecca Jo said...

YEESSS!!! Silver Spoons :) I loved me some Ricky Schoeder :)

mypixieblog said...

I thought I left a comment for this but I guess not :( Anyway, don't be discouraged. I had a not-so-great prom night either year (I went Junior but asked out my date AND Senior year when I was kind of forced into the whole thing). Both events were meh. LOL, it's funny I just read a book about the magnitude of prom and vaguely remembered what a big deal it was back then. Now I can barely remember any details :)

PS: love that you buzzed your hair a la Britney!

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