Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Strengths

A friend encouraged me to sign up for Gary Vaynerchuk's Udemy course. He is an energizing speaker - and also a native New Jerseyian, so I can appreciate his no-nonsense approach.

As part of the course, Building a Personal Brand, he encourages participants to "go all in" on their strengths.

So, I quizzed my Facebook friends and I was humbled by their responses. I am going to keep this here in case I am having a bad day and need a pick me up :)

-Drywit you're loaded with it! Such a gift

 -You're very affable

-You have a constant inner shine:)

-Flexibility and patience (skills needed as a background artist!)

- I think you are a good listener

- Drawing

- Easy to talk to.


-Confident but approachable from the start, then amazingly down-to-earth with visible inner strength.

-Eagerness to learn new things, take on challenges and follow thru

-Kindness to us seniors. All ways answers my replies and gives us praise.

-I agree with Kimberly, I love your quick, dry wit! Also you seem very accepting of others. Oh, and let's not forget your amazing knowledge of all things pop culture!

-Your ability to be a realist but also remain an optimist; many people become jaded but you found balance.

 -Gosh, there are so many! You're definitely a great listener, you have good observation skills, you're conscientious, prepared and punctual. And I agree with Kimberly that you have a fun witty sense of humor. Oh, and you have Pumpkin!

 -Kind, gentle, gracious, simpatico and a good sense of humour

-incredibly down to Earth being such a superstar! Don't know you too well beyond Facebook, so I would say I agree with what others have said smart, sensible, great sense of humor.

-Clever, witty & a good listener!!!


If you are like me, and stuck in a rut not knowing in which direction to head (this has been a recurring theme on this blog lol), I encourage you to do this exercise. It is a good way to start the New Year...After seeing these comments, I am encouraged to continue to pursue the Health Coaching position I applied for earlier in the week!!!

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