Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Brief Blurry Appearance in The Longest Ride

If you get a chance, I get on out and see The Longest Ride - the new Nicholas Sparks movie in theatres now. Don't be fooled by the negative reviews, the movie is quite entertaining and the sets are incredible...As you can see from the trailer, it is two stories woven into one. Even my husband thoroughly enjoyed it!

It was a fun three days for me filming among the 2,000 extras in the indoor rodeo scenes. And it was thrilling when I heard from a film friend the day after the premiere saying she saw my blurry self in the film!!!

You can see me in two spots - one - dancing in the stands moving my hands side to side - right side of screen, but the most noticeable shot is during the pyrotechnics scene when Luke finds out what bull he will be riding. It is dark around me but you can clearly make me out clapping when they pan over to the stands :)

Here's what I am wearing in case you are interested in trying to play Where's Carma:

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