Saturday, December 5, 2015

Reunion and More!

Well, my high school reunion turned out to be a fun event. Glad that we made the trip - it was a very long drive. Luckily we drove up on Thanksgiving Day which meant zero traffic on the way up. The return trip on Sunday was an 11 hour ordeal - including a phone call from our son's girlfriend on their way from Idaho to Salt Lake City to catch a flight. She informed us he was headed to the ER. Looks like it may have been a bad case of food poisoning. He was too weak to take the flight, resulting in an overnight stay in SLC. On Monday, was was able to fly back to school, only to have to go to urgent care a few days later as he swelled up in an allergic reaction to one of the medications .... Talk about long distance stress!!!!!

On Friday night we went roller skating at the rink where we met and to dinner with some classmates. That was almost nicer than the reunion since we could more easily chat.

It led to me telling the story of how MB and I finally started dating after knowing of each other for years and living only a mile apart. It went something like this:

*copying from my facebook page*

Realizing after telling the story of how MB and I finally started dating after knowing each other since I was about 13, a story involving a real estate attorney who I once worked for - and his friend who met up with us at a celebrity male impersonator show aka drag queen show in NYC, leaving to go back to NJ in the middle of the night, such that the parking garage was closed but my tiny Plymouth Champ fit around the barrier, and then being asked on a date by the friend who had his own bookie, and was very sketch, but who liked my glasses and said I looked like a librarian, yet I still went on an ice skating date with him at Mennan arena that went so badly (including insisting I drive him in his car) that I was relieved to see Andy also at the rink, so I tapped him on the shoulder. This story does not merit retelling again in person... Makes me sound nuts ;-)


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