Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project: Stop Excessive Blinking

I have tried some obscure things over the years and this one is right up there.

Those of you who read my post a week or so ago about the excessive blinking that is making me uncomfortable in my film class - when I have to watch myself back on film...It is bad.

Seems that i have developed this nervous habit over the years and it gets exacerbated when I have to remember lines on the fly and am hoping I do not screw up - or just in general getting stressed due to being evaluated by the instructor.

Bottom line is that my eyes are blinking uncontrollably and uncomfortably.

I came home from class last week, where, by the way, I had a semi-breakthrough and was halfway decent!!!  - anyway, so I came home and googled, "how to stop excessive blinking."

At which point I came across a hypnosis mp3 download promising to help with my problem.

So I ordered it, and a second one too (on a different topic), since I saved $6 by ordering two ;)

I have listened to the download 3 times already. The first week you are supposed to listen to it every day. Had to skip one, but I am back on track.

The hypnotist has a British accent and he is very whispery. He draws out words such as "urrrrrrrgent" I don't think I've been in a hypnotic state but it is very calming, barring the constant phone/facebook interruptions....and my husband coming in and out of the house etc.

30 minutes is a lot time to devote to listening to a download, but if it will be of help, I am going to make the effort.

Will keep you posted on my results. If I can move beyond this my life will change considerably in terms of my confidence level.....

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Joke's on Me

Those of my generation will recall Candid Camera, the show hosted by Telly Savalas where a camera is hidden and hilarity ensues when unsuspecting people find themselves in bizarre situations.

Well, this time the joke was on me, although I'm not certain whether or not there was a camera involved. I was too afraid to look.

Yesterday I went out for one of my 8 mile strolls and I was a little over a mile into it when I happened upon some change on the sidewalk.

Here is an actual photo:

...and the reason I was able to take the photo over an hour later (on the way home) was that the coins are glued to the sidewalk. Not that I bent down to try to pick them up or anything ;-)

I didn't dare look around because I had no idea if this was being taped and the last thing I wanted was to get my face and dorky sun hat on camera.

I have had several suggestions on facebook, including bringing some nail polish remover the next time I am out to dissolve the glue.

It's not that I am desperate for change, but it does bring up that people do not value change the way we did back in the Telly Salvalas days. I was raised very frugally and it is difficult to get away from that mentality. Add a handful of change to another handful of change and before you know it you have a dollar. And dollars are nice....

I'm always harping on VC to use the change that is floating around his room when he goes out instead of constantly "breaking" dollars. And a friend of mine discovered her son tossing change into the GARBAGE CAN! What is up with that?

If we can teach kids the value of change in one's pocket adding up over time, it will make an impact. Which reminds me of the Prudential commercial I was recently an extra in - you may have seen it....the one with the dominoes :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to Tell You are Having a Bad Day?

When you find  yourself at 9:41 pm googling "I suck at everything." Yep. That's me...

As part of my "expand my comfort zone" project, which isn't really a project, I signed up for an acting class. Two weeks ago we recorded with a partner and today we got to see the play back.

Holy blinking eyes!!!

You have never seen so much blinking.

Now, I am a long term contact lens wearer with dry eyes, so I normally blink a lot, but when I get nervous, it exacerbates the problem.

Let's put it this way, when the only comments the instructor had to make about my tape were about my excessive blinking and that I did not connect with my partner at all...

it was clear to me that I suck at something new!!!

Out of the 18 students, my tape was the absolute bottom of the barrel. Still 5 more weeks to go in the class and it will be hard to drag myself to class. But if there is anything I normally do, it is to stand by a project to completion.

It is going to take all the strength I can muster to stick with this when all I want to do is run.

And dig a hole and hide in it during the next critique.

Is there anything you've ever tried where you were so bad it was clear there was no point in continuing? Did you stick with it - or bail?

Thursday, October 16, 2014


You know all those fabulous selfies your friends post on facebook? The ones where they actually look good??? I swear I cannot pull off a decent selfie. It's not like I am taking them everyday like some folks do. I just take one when I need a picture, such as when I wanted to show my friend I chopped a few inches off my hair.

Disaster ensued.

Although VC has showed me a couple times the proper angle to hold the camera for the best photo, I get this ridiculously weird look on my face, especially if I try not to give a big goofy grin - example below:

Comes out looking like a WANTED poster.

I can never seem to get my eyes to look normal -- compare to photo of me taken by VC roughly 2 months ago. It is not like I changed that much in 2 months....or did I???
I am about to give up on selfies. I will begin pestering my family more when I need a headshot for something....They like it when I interrupt them to do that ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Miss Pronunciation

I have been substitute teaching a lot lately. And let me tell you, pronouncing names is not what it once was in the decades of Susans, Joes and Mikes.

A teacher in the lower grades suggested for an activity, that I sit the kids in boy-girl order around the table and handed me some placards. Would have been easy but I couldn't tell from many of the placards if the name was a girl's or a boy's name :D

Would you believe I pronounced one girl's name, spelled "Lila" as "Lee-La" - not once but twice (on another day). Of course, it is pronounced as "Lay-La." - and one girl whose name ended in "ine" - I pronounced it "eeen" - that was good for an unintentional laugh :(

Kailey - is it "Kay-Lee" or "Kyle-y" ?

I could go on. Suffice it to say, sometimes I come across like the crazy substitute in this Key & Peele video on YouTube:

 My parents came back from a visit with my son at his college in Utah. He has a new friend, and my mom mentioned if we meet her, to make sure we pronounce her name, which is spelled "Alicia" as "Alee-c-ia" - not "Al-eesha." Which is very prophetic, because just the week prior, I typed an email to my friend with that exact dilemma. My exact words: "So now I need to figure out if her name is pronounced A-LEESH-A or A-LEE-SEE-A"

But, back to substituting, I am thinking of switching to calling attendance by last name the next time I sub. Or, better yet, a sign in sheet!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

PajamaGram: A Review

Back in my high school days/early 20's I used to wear some cute PJ's -- Then that look slowly morphed into my bedtime "uniform" of oversized T shirt for over a decade. Recently I started to realize how nice comfortable pajamas can feel, as well as the emotional boost of knowing I didn't look like I pulled my bedtime wardrobe out of the laundry basket!

It feels nice to know that even if the world is not seeing my pajamas, I can feel pretty as I lounge about the house. Therefore, I was excited to partner with PajamaGram for this post.

My PajamaGram arrived in a keepsake gift bag. Pumpkin instantly came over to investigate:

I couldn't wait to take a photo of me in my new jammies. So I set the camera to "auto" and look who joined me in the photo! Since it was not yet bedtime, I was going to change back into my street clothes but once I realized how comfy they were, the jammies were on for the rest of the evening.

I am as stickler for comfortable fabric and these are super-cozy.
As the holiday season fast approaches, and you are left scratching your heads for gifts - I encourage you to give PajamaGram a look: the assortment is incredible - from sexy silk to playful cupcakes, which is the lounge set I selected. If Pumpkin wasn't so finicky, I'd order the matching cupcake pajamas for cats - seriously!

I have a friend who purchases matching pajamas for the entire family (all 6 of them) - every single year. If this is a tradition you would like to begin, PajamaGram offers plenty of family pajama sets!

...and now I am off to lounge in style :-)

Disclaimer: I received a product for the purposes of this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own :)
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