Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Did I Tell You About the Time

My husband got pulled over on roller skates?  Somehow in my last post I forgot to mention the most ludicrous "traffic violation" our family has encountered to date. And as you can tell, we have unfortunately had our share of tickets....

Here's how it unfolded. Occasionally my husband - a certified "rink rat" during the 80's - heads off on his roller skates with outdoor wheels to skate about 8 miles on a local greenway.

In order to get to said greenway, he has to skate a mile through town, which I already mentioned is a police zone.

Well, he came home a few weeks ago to tell me he had gotten pulled over - yep - pulled over - on roller skates - and by the Canine Unit so there was a dog barking loudly and viciously the entire time.

What was his infraction? Was he blocking traffic? Nope. Not wearing a helmet? Nope. Jayskating? Nope.

He was skating facing traffic!!!!!!  Yep, so he could see on coming traffic and not get hit, he was skating facing traffic along the very wide shoulder of the street. Can you believe this? Apparently he must skate with the flow of traffic, possibly because he has "wheels" -- he is considered a "vehicle???" I need to do some research and find the law. He got off with a warning LOL.

If this is not an indication our local cops have too much time on their hands, I don't know what is....SHEESH!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm Back -- With a Vengeance LOL

Thanks to those of you (erm one of you) who have noticed my absence :-)  Once school let out, I got bombarded with all sorts of things and neglected the blog. For shame!

My latest mission is getting traffic ticket issues resolved. We live in an area with a strong police presence - where there is not much criminal activity - which means lots of ticketing for minor traffic violations. It is hazardous to drive a few blocks without risk of getting a ticket.

Well, sad to say, last night VC got his first ever ticket :-(  for an alleged "roll stop."  Sure, it is right of passage, but it is a lousy one to have to make...

Since he is still categorized as an "inexperienced driver" - we need to get this wiped out - STAT. Which means I may be going with him to meet with the ADA this week to plead his case. He is a safe driver. Doesn't speed. Not a troublemaker (well unless you include making trouble for mom having to get involved with this kind of fun) - so please wish us luck.  He only has 1.5 months before going across the country for college.

He will be riding his scooter up until then.

And to think, last night he said to me, "Should I take the scooter?" and I said, "No, it's safer to take the car."

At least he did not get injured...Gotta start looking at the positive...

To add insult to injury, on the town's facebook page today, there was news of a newly scheduled "Family Night Out" in August in part to form a "comraderie" between police and citizens. Leave it to devious me to post the following comment: "will the cops still be ticketing during those hours? If so, I will arrive on foot."  So far no one at the town has "liked" my comment. Gotta give it time ;-)

Hope your summers are off to a great start!

P.S. Pumpkin is still all sorts of adorable :)
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