Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week One of "Pine Mouth" is Complete

Do you eat Pine Nuts (aka pignoles as my Italian grandmother referred to them)?  Do you know that there is such a thing as "Pine Mouth."

There is - and it appears I may have been afflicted with Pine Mouth for a full 7 days as of today.

It started last Wednesday when I made a salad topped with an ample heap of pine nuts. Then, I repeated the salad on Thursday.

Since then everything I eat tastes like Metal!!  Yep, as in metal metal. It is a horrid bitter taste. It has not stopped me from overindulging (aka binge eating) - but it is making food unpalatable.

I do have some sinus issues which may be making things worse, but you can imagine that a lightbulb went off when I was googling my symptoms and came across this article  on

The culprit appears to be Pine Nuts from China -- figures!!!!  Such as the ones I buy in bulk at Sam's Club...although my mom had some from the Fresh Market - that were 3x the price, but also imported from China.

If you enjoy  your pine nuts as much as I do, you may want to avoid going overboard...or prepare for Pine Mouth.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Top 50 Mom Bloggers in the U.S. - Oh really....

I noticed an email update from Twitter showing "what's trending now" by some of the accounts I follow. I rarely pay much attention to this type of email, but what stuck out was a post made by a blogger indicating she had been chosen once again as one of the 50 Top Mom Bloggers by Cision, whatever Cision is.

You can view the list here.

Kudos to the winners - among them are some recognizable bloggers, but then there is the #1 pick which, quite frankly, seems an odd choice considering there are ZERO comments on most posts and most seem like they may be sponsored posts with text links, yet there is no disclosure as such.

I may be wrong, of course...Maybe this is what qualifies as a Number One Mom Blog these days...A blog with ZERO participation and what seem to be canned sponsored posts? It probably has to do with numbers and ranking, but one would think actual blog CONTENT would be taken into consideration.

Click through to view the list, and I would love to hear your thoughts on the number one choice.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cat Grass = My Nemesis!!

I never claimed to have a Green Thumb, but one would think I would be capable of growing GRASS!!  Sadly, that is not the case. After my second attempt to grow some indoor grass for Pumpkin (it supposedly helps with preventing hairballs and is good for the cat) - I have officially given up :(

Here is my first attempt (back in January) - fizzled rather quickly...

In April, at my mother's encouragement, I gave it another go - this time with a different kit. Look how luxurious this grass looked on April 5th!!

..which brings us to today, May 7th...

I think it may have been a case of over-watering. Pathetic!  Poor Pumpkin will have to do without grass....

Who knew growing grass would be this tricky!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dress Codes - Cry Me a River

I can't believe the woman who was allegedly kicked out of Planet Fitness because her pregnant midriff was exposed is still front page ABC News. Also can't believe how distraught she is. C'mon. Cut me a break. Is it really that earth shattering???

Years ago - back when I was 25 or so, I had a lovely cotton jumpsuit that was navy that I wore out to a club and dressed it up with heels. Guess what? I was refused at the door because I was wearing "jeans." Seriously - and this was a classy outfit that I had purchased from Spiegel. Nevertheless, I had to leave and drive home alone- and the club was about an hour away from home - while my future spouse stayed and partied I might add :D :D

That's how it goes..

I cannot wear my piercing when I go on medical assignments, so guess what? I put in a retainer. Disappointing, but no biggie.

Same when I substitute, but out of my choosing, so the kindergartners do not ask me again what is in my nose...

Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and comply - and not call a lawyer!!!!  OK. I'm done now.

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