Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tiny Size Me - What Happened to Girl Scout Cookies????

Last week a sweet little girl from down the block rang the doorbell and I was excited when I opened the door and saw her wagon filled with Girl Scout cookies - meaning my Tagalongs had arrived!!

Excitement turned to disappointment when, after freezing them for a hour - if you do not freeze your Girl Scout Cookies - this is something you may want to consider - I opened the box and furrowed my brow as I realized how downsized these cookies were from the thick Girl Scout Tagalongs of yore.

Here's what I saw:

Ohhhh...I forgot I first ate one sleeve - and MB the second sleeve, so all that remained by the time of the photo op was the third sleeve - VC's. As you can see, I divvied everything up fairly...

What you need to notice is how thin and tiny the cookies look.

Of course, I couldn't resist inquiring on FB as to whether everyone else had noticed this shrinkage issue. It quickly turned into a debate about whether it is best when ordering to calculate the per unit cost. My cost conscious relatives (it's in our blood) had calculated that, in this case, it is best to go with the Thin Mints.

Had I only taken the time to do that before ordering my puny Tagalongs, which came in at roughly .26 cents a cookie.

Did you order Girl Scout cookies this year? Were you pleased when you opened the box?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Laziness Pays Off !

I really need to be lazy more often. I was filling out an application - and once I uploaded my resume, it appeared I needed to re-type the resume in more detail with starting/stop dates, salaries, etc. and three job references. So of course I bagged it  Then today someone contacted me since they were still able to see my resume even though I hadn't completed and submitted anything else - and they attached a simple checklist for me to complete and bypass the rest if I was still interested! Kids: Laziness pays off! 

On a semi-related note, I have just finished reading The 4 Hour Work Week. It was recommended by a childhood friend. Although some of the concepts would be difficult to implement - or, should I say -not difficult, more "impractical" - such as getting a vitural assistant in the Middle East, many of the tips can be adapted and I did take away some ideas worth exploring further.

Mr. Ferriss has a good thing going - spending life in a series of semi-retirements, learning and doing things that he enjoys, while reducing work hours to the bare minimum.

Of course, if I was to try doing this and live off my blog I would be dead of starvation in three days ;-)

One thing that I feel the the need to get to the bottom of - is a letter that was written by someone who practiced the 4 Hour technique and was splitting time between NYC and Colombia. When I went to check out his website, it appeared he died a tragic death shortly after the book was published but no details are available anywhere. May be a cautionary tale, or something totally unrelated but the fact that there is no information available is very circumspect!

Oh, I have also finally been selected by a blog review company to do a review- problem is that the review is in someone else's words and not related to my blog :/ I would feel like a total sellout to publish it, but I won't rule it out just yet hee hee. After all, how am I going to get to a 4 Hour Work Week if I continue to pass things up????

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Delightfully Catty errr Witty Guilty Blog Reading Pleasure

Not sure how it took me this long to discover the Get Off My Internets blog, but I have to say I am getting a kick out of it.

The blog pokes fun at self-absorbed navel-gazing, uppity bloggers who make/do ridiculous things, and those who perpetrate internet hoaxes.

I have been blowing too much time reading the blog/comments and looking at the sites discussed. The author offers very keen insights into the life of these bloggers - and the commentary is a hoot.

Another interesting blog I stumbled upon is a blog featuring blogger's final posts as they close shop on their blogs. Ironically, the blog is no longer being updated, without a final blog post ;-)  You can find it here.

If I wasn't afraid of copyright infringement, I'd pick up where they left off. This is something I find especially intriguing, the last blog goodbye.

In other news, the turd who is now using my domain name for a sh*tty spam blog tried to register it on Blog Catalog and the rejection notice came to my email. Take that blog loser! *Please do not visit the blog as I do not want to give him any traffic...

...and this is how I spend time while the Superbowl is on. That and working on taxes. I posted re: the taxes to facebook "Q. Who works on taxes every year instead of watching the Super Bowl? A. Someone who has a cute cat, crochets, is Keith Morrison's #1 Fan, is having a midlife crisis, annoys her son and drives an Element. In other words no one you know"

and a friend wisely pointed out: "That's a special kind of sad." LOL

Are you watching the game? or doing taxes instead? ;-)
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