Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ahh, the Joys of Parenting (5% of the Time)

VC (my teenage son for those who are not familiar with my blog) has proclaimed (with a smirk) that 95% of the time when he is unhappy it is due to me. Which means I am not responsible for the other 5% - WOOT!! (He made a pie chart to illustrate his point.)

Monday, January 27, 2014

If You are a Vegetarian, BE a Vegetarian!

Yes, this is one of my gripe-y posts.

I am tired of people claiming to be vegetarians, yet they are far from vegetarians.

In which case, do NOT claim to be a vegetarian. It is that simple.

I know of someone who says they are a vegetarian, yet recently I have witnessed them eating pepperoni, ribs, bacon and tunafish.

Does that sound like a vegetarian?

It is like claiming to be gluten-free and eating wheat bread for gosh sake!! *slowly steps down from soapbox*

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Is Winter Over Yet?????

Even in the South, the temperatures here have been brutal. 17 degrees F in the mornings this week. BLECH! It is interferring with getting together with my walking buddies.

After three days of substituting at the High School (exhausting!) - I was ready to walk on Friday, but we were down into the teens again.

Gosh, could this blog post get any more exciting ;-)

For me, walking is my therapy. I try to meet up once a week with a friend. By the time I walk to her house and then we walk through town and on the greenway, I have logged in 8 miles.

Yesterday another friend and I did some mall walking. There was a guy from a modeling agency outside Dillard's trying to get people to sign up for a chance to win a free modeling photo session to be the face of the big "city" - He didn't say anything to us for the first 6 laps or so but then since no one else was stopping, he finally asked us: two middle aged women. Could you see as as the "face" of the metropolis? We might scare people away from moving here. Not exactly energetic, twentysomething partiers...

VC has been finishing up with college/scholarship applications. Glad this will soon be over and done. We still need to make the trip cross country to visit his #1 choice.

It will need to wait until the regional and state dive meets are over. It is making me nervous to wait so long to visit. He has decided that he hates the cold and in the 11th hour has decided to apply to a unviersity located on the coast. Nothing like centering your college experience around the climate. Can't blame him though. I despise the cold.

My puffy quilted vest is becoming a regular wardrobe staple. If the guy at the mall had seen me wearing it there is no way he would have approached us ;-)

To think I originally went to school for a degree in Fashion Merchandising. You would never know it to look at me now lol.

I did get some snazzy new eyeglasses though!

....and I baked some chocolate chip cookies following a recipe I saw in InStyle magazine, so maybe I am still using what I learned in fashion school. lol.  The cookies were advertised as soft and chewy, but you know by day two they were relatively firm. I was bummed about this as I thought the soft and squishy would be a permanent state. Not complaining though. They were delish.

What have you been wearing and baking?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

No Need to Worry About Putting Out Stellar Content

It is very troubling when I look at the stats for my most frequently visited pages, especially when the first or second position usually goes to a post I did about spanking - that features a blurred photo of a guy spanking another guy (I used the photo as a joke to illustrate my point) :-(

That will give you a good idea about what people are looking for when they surf the net.

And makes me wonder once again about the demise of blogging.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


I recently stumbled upon this quote: "Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable." Powerful. And not in an "abuse" abuse way. To me, abuse includes self-loathing..

As many of you have read over the years, I am on a constant mission to find my purpose. I know that I am smart and am still able to do complex algebra ;-) but I have never gotten anywhere careerwise, and that just continues to eat away at me.

A year spent in medical assisting school did nothing to solve the problem. I do work related to my diploma on a sporadic per diem basis. Do I truly enjoy it? sometimes. Has it given me a sense of purpose? probably not.

I am also substituting on a regular basis. That is semi-fulfilling especially when I receive a compliment from a student or teacher. I am quickly becoming one of the "go to" subs.

All is well with that except I know there is so much more that I could be doing :-(  lack of proper degree keeps getting in the way and I have no intention of going back to get another degree as I am rapidly closing in on age 50 and do not need the extra stress..

Do you feel fulfilled in your purpose as a wife and mom - without having a purpose outside of that? Is this something I can ever come to terms with?

Seeing people who are not necessarily the brightest in positions I know I have the intelligence to do - exept that I don't have the right degree makes me want to scream. (my degree is in Business Admin - very broad - too broad!)

It is probably time to cut back on Facebook. Sometimes I'd rather not know what people are doing. I believe in those studies where there is a correlation between time spent on Facebook and an increased downward mood spiral!

Will my frustration with my lack of accomplishment continue to eat away at me? Will my self-loating always be a constant in my life?

Does anyone else feel the same way?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Burpees? Uh, Not for Me

A local gym came up in my FB timeline today - and they were promoting a photo of a guy doing burpees. It is one of those Old Skool gyms, you know the ones, where you do weights and old time-y exercises and use kettleballs?

I get exhausted just thinking about it. I was taking a Kickboxing/Interval class on a fairly regular basis at the Y until I pulled some muscles and genuinely felt like crap and decided I might have been in better shape BEFORE I started exercising in earnest.

The interval part. I dreaded it. Because we did sets of burpees ad nauseum. When it came burpee time, I would slowly saunter over to where my water bottle was located - against the side wall and slowly sip my water and then saunter back and do a few burpees. My burpees did not include the excited JUMP UP at the end. That was too taxing ;-) I mean isn't it enough to do 20+ burpees in a row without the burst of energy at the end of each one?

What are your thoughts on these new gyms that are springing up everywhere? There is one in our town and in every town surrounding it. I did some research and discovered this is because the owners of these gyms (known as 'boxes') pay $3,000 a year for the use of the name, as opposed to becoming a franchisee. Not a bad deal.

Not sure that I believe enough in the grueling workout to ever go to one myself. I'll stick to avoiding burpees at the Y. Have you started up an exercise program for the New Year? Does it involve burpees?
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