Monday, December 1, 2014

It Can Get Very Addicting!

I am speaking about my newest hobby, loom knitting. My bloggy friend Rebecca, understanding that I was unable to knit the regular way, recommended loom knitting to me. She has created a monster!

After a first failed practice session

I was on my way to making a knit hat.

It came out quite nicely.

If someone like me, who is horrible at following patterns, is able to complete a project like this, anyone can do it! I am now working on a scarf to go with my hat. If you have carpal tunnel or other hand issues, it's best not to go all out gangbusters on it.

Added bonus: I find that the repetiveness of it makes for a  good distraction to the daily stresses of life once you get in the zone. 


Rebecca Jo said...

YES!! I've drawn someone over to my side... keep at it. There's so much you can make with looms. Scarves, socks, blankets! There are great patterns out there specifically for looms.

& FYI - looms are fantastic to work left handed or right handed so you can switch if achy gets to you :)

Keep at it lady!

angelcel said...

Oh no ... another craft to get addicted to!

mypixieblog said...

I have never heard of this before but want to learn more!

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