Friday, November 14, 2014

Above and Beyond What Should Be Expected

Currently discussing on Facebook the ridiculousness of this recent ruling

Parents being required to pay for their estranged 21 year old daughter's college tuition? They SHOULD be outraged....

What a bad precedent is being set by the courts. Since when is having your tuition paid for a RIGHT???? Even if the child is well behaved and you on on good terms, it is still not the obligation of the parents. We are more than happy to pay for VC's tuition and he covers all of his other incidental expenses, eating out etc., but then we are close to him and he is a respectful kid.

In this case, I'd be "sorry babe, you are on your own - especially since you are not speaking with us!!!!!!"

I wish the parents well with their appeal of the case, of course by then they will have paid out the same amount in attorney's fees and the daughter will probably have graduated..... What are your thoughts?

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mypixieblog said...

I don't agree with this ruling either. It shouldn't be mandated that parents fork over the money for a child's (incredibly expensive!) college tuition ESPECIALLY if they are estranged. I mean, think of what that could mean--why limit it there? What if said student wants to live off campus her last year. Does that mean her estranged parents have to pay that as well?

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