Thursday, October 16, 2014


You know all those fabulous selfies your friends post on facebook? The ones where they actually look good??? I swear I cannot pull off a decent selfie. It's not like I am taking them everyday like some folks do. I just take one when I need a picture, such as when I wanted to show my friend I chopped a few inches off my hair.

Disaster ensued.

Although VC has showed me a couple times the proper angle to hold the camera for the best photo, I get this ridiculously weird look on my face, especially if I try not to give a big goofy grin - example below:

Comes out looking like a WANTED poster.

I can never seem to get my eyes to look normal -- compare to photo of me taken by VC roughly 2 months ago. It is not like I changed that much in 2 months....or did I???
I am about to give up on selfies. I will begin pestering my family more when I need a headshot for something....They like it when I interrupt them to do that ;)


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

oh this made me laugh!! I gave up. Mine all look like prison photos. I have been shown and then my niece told me about an app to make me look better. Really? I have to do that now? So I just said "screw it!!"

Rebecca Jo Vincent said...

The one good thing? That delete button - have fun - try different angles. My goal of a selfie - to look NOTHING like myself :) kinda defeats the point - but yeah :) haha

mypixieblog said...

This is why I walk away from the selfies :) LOL, I have actually taken a few myself but I feel like they're always disastrous. Thank god for the delete button and hope that magical "cloud" isn't going to one day show the world the most embarrassing selfies I've ever taken :)

Twisted Susan said...

In the hierarchy of daily life selfies are a very low priority talent.

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