Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project: Stop Excessive Blinking

I have tried some obscure things over the years and this one is right up there.

Those of you who read my post a week or so ago about the excessive blinking that is making me uncomfortable in my film class - when I have to watch myself back on film...It is bad.

Seems that i have developed this nervous habit over the years and it gets exacerbated when I have to remember lines on the fly and am hoping I do not screw up - or just in general getting stressed due to being evaluated by the instructor.

Bottom line is that my eyes are blinking uncontrollably and uncomfortably.

I came home from class last week, where, by the way, I had a semi-breakthrough and was halfway decent!!!  - anyway, so I came home and googled, "how to stop excessive blinking."

At which point I came across a hypnosis mp3 download promising to help with my problem.

So I ordered it, and a second one too (on a different topic), since I saved $6 by ordering two ;)

I have listened to the download 3 times already. The first week you are supposed to listen to it every day. Had to skip one, but I am back on track.

The hypnotist has a British accent and he is very whispery. He draws out words such as "urrrrrrrgent" I don't think I've been in a hypnotic state but it is very calming, barring the constant phone/facebook interruptions....and my husband coming in and out of the house etc.

30 minutes is a lot time to devote to listening to a download, but if it will be of help, I am going to make the effort.

Will keep you posted on my results. If I can move beyond this my life will change considerably in terms of my confidence level.....

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mypixieblog said...

I've been told that I have a habit of blinking excessively, but I don't notice it if/when I do. It never bothered me much, but I imagine if you're having a conversation with me and I'm all blinky mcblinkerson that it might be distracting :) Anyway, let me know how you make out with this (may have to make a purchase, too). :)

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