Sunday, October 12, 2014

Miss Pronunciation

I have been substitute teaching a lot lately. And let me tell you, pronouncing names is not what it once was in the decades of Susans, Joes and Mikes.

A teacher in the lower grades suggested for an activity, that I sit the kids in boy-girl order around the table and handed me some placards. Would have been easy but I couldn't tell from many of the placards if the name was a girl's or a boy's name :D

Would you believe I pronounced one girl's name, spelled "Lila" as "Lee-La" - not once but twice (on another day). Of course, it is pronounced as "Lay-La." - and one girl whose name ended in "ine" - I pronounced it "eeen" - that was good for an unintentional laugh :(

Kailey - is it "Kay-Lee" or "Kyle-y" ?

I could go on. Suffice it to say, sometimes I come across like the crazy substitute in this Key & Peele video on YouTube:

 My parents came back from a visit with my son at his college in Utah. He has a new friend, and my mom mentioned if we meet her, to make sure we pronounce her name, which is spelled "Alicia" as "Alee-c-ia" - not "Al-eesha." Which is very prophetic, because just the week prior, I typed an email to my friend with that exact dilemma. My exact words: "So now I need to figure out if her name is pronounced A-LEESH-A or A-LEE-SEE-A"

But, back to substituting, I am thinking of switching to calling attendance by last name the next time I sub. Or, better yet, a sign in sheet!

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