Thursday, October 23, 2014

Joke's on Me

Those of my generation will recall Candid Camera, the show hosted by Telly Savalas where a camera is hidden and hilarity ensues when unsuspecting people find themselves in bizarre situations.

Well, this time the joke was on me, although I'm not certain whether or not there was a camera involved. I was too afraid to look.

Yesterday I went out for one of my 8 mile strolls and I was a little over a mile into it when I happened upon some change on the sidewalk.

Here is an actual photo:

...and the reason I was able to take the photo over an hour later (on the way home) was that the coins are glued to the sidewalk. Not that I bent down to try to pick them up or anything ;-)

I didn't dare look around because I had no idea if this was being taped and the last thing I wanted was to get my face and dorky sun hat on camera.

I have had several suggestions on facebook, including bringing some nail polish remover the next time I am out to dissolve the glue.

It's not that I am desperate for change, but it does bring up that people do not value change the way we did back in the Telly Salvalas days. I was raised very frugally and it is difficult to get away from that mentality. Add a handful of change to another handful of change and before you know it you have a dollar. And dollars are nice....

I'm always harping on VC to use the change that is floating around his room when he goes out instead of constantly "breaking" dollars. And a friend of mine discovered her son tossing change into the GARBAGE CAN! What is up with that?

If we can teach kids the value of change in one's pocket adding up over time, it will make an impact. Which reminds me of the Prudential commercial I was recently an extra in - you may have seen it....the one with the dominoes :)


Rebecca Jo Vincent said...

I know people that throw pennies away. Really?!?!!?
I have a piggy bank & every year at vacation, it adds up for a nice little shopping trip.

My husband saves all his dimes. ALL his dimes. He's obsessive about it - he took them in one time to cash them in... he had almost $1000!!!! Granted, it took years... but he has since started again & said when his grandson (who is 7) graduates, it should be a pretty good bankroll for him :) All because of loose change

mypixieblog said...

What?? You were in a commercial?? Send me the link!

I totally agree with you. I actually can't fathom ANYONE throwing coins in a garbage--breaks my thrifty heart. At least put them in a bank and bring them to a coinstar machine, LOL!! I've made out with some serious LOOT over the years just by saving all of that leftover change...

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