Sunday, January 26, 2014

Is Winter Over Yet?????

Even in the South, the temperatures here have been brutal. 17 degrees F in the mornings this week. BLECH! It is interferring with getting together with my walking buddies.

After three days of substituting at the High School (exhausting!) - I was ready to walk on Friday, but we were down into the teens again.

Gosh, could this blog post get any more exciting ;-)

For me, walking is my therapy. I try to meet up once a week with a friend. By the time I walk to her house and then we walk through town and on the greenway, I have logged in 8 miles.

Yesterday another friend and I did some mall walking. There was a guy from a modeling agency outside Dillard's trying to get people to sign up for a chance to win a free modeling photo session to be the face of the big "city" - He didn't say anything to us for the first 6 laps or so but then since no one else was stopping, he finally asked us: two middle aged women. Could you see as as the "face" of the metropolis? We might scare people away from moving here. Not exactly energetic, twentysomething partiers...

VC has been finishing up with college/scholarship applications. Glad this will soon be over and done. We still need to make the trip cross country to visit his #1 choice.

It will need to wait until the regional and state dive meets are over. It is making me nervous to wait so long to visit. He has decided that he hates the cold and in the 11th hour has decided to apply to a unviersity located on the coast. Nothing like centering your college experience around the climate. Can't blame him though. I despise the cold.

My puffy quilted vest is becoming a regular wardrobe staple. If the guy at the mall had seen me wearing it there is no way he would have approached us ;-)

To think I originally went to school for a degree in Fashion Merchandising. You would never know it to look at me now lol.

I did get some snazzy new eyeglasses though!

....and I baked some chocolate chip cookies following a recipe I saw in InStyle magazine, so maybe I am still using what I learned in fashion school. lol.  The cookies were advertised as soft and chewy, but you know by day two they were relatively firm. I was bummed about this as I thought the soft and squishy would be a permanent state. Not complaining though. They were delish.

What have you been wearing and baking?


Slamdunk said...

Well I hope your son picks a school in a lovely part of the US--more reason for you to go visit. No baking here, and actually none going on in the house recently. I need to investigate as to why and get that changed.

Enjoy your Monday.

Twisted Susan said...

Last night I baked spicy Mexican brownies (cinnamon and cayenne) while wearing my vintage kelly green sweater which I originally bought as a goof but now wear at least once a week.

Vodka Logic said...

All I do is wear a fluffy warm vest and sweaters.. it is freezing in the North East.

Looking forward to spring and Australia

Rebecca Jo said...

Love the glasses!
I've baked nothing... wore everything :)
Layer up. I'm so sick of the cold!

LL Cool Joe said...

Hey you look like Buddy Holly. Only joking.

Did you just ask me what I've been baking? Ha do I look the type that would bake anything, apart from a pizza? And I even manage to burn that. :D

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