Monday, January 6, 2014

Burpees? Uh, Not for Me

A local gym came up in my FB timeline today - and they were promoting a photo of a guy doing burpees. It is one of those Old Skool gyms, you know the ones, where you do weights and old time-y exercises and use kettleballs?

I get exhausted just thinking about it. I was taking a Kickboxing/Interval class on a fairly regular basis at the Y until I pulled some muscles and genuinely felt like crap and decided I might have been in better shape BEFORE I started exercising in earnest.

The interval part. I dreaded it. Because we did sets of burpees ad nauseum. When it came burpee time, I would slowly saunter over to where my water bottle was located - against the side wall and slowly sip my water and then saunter back and do a few burpees. My burpees did not include the excited JUMP UP at the end. That was too taxing ;-) I mean isn't it enough to do 20+ burpees in a row without the burst of energy at the end of each one?

What are your thoughts on these new gyms that are springing up everywhere? There is one in our town and in every town surrounding it. I did some research and discovered this is because the owners of these gyms (known as 'boxes') pay $3,000 a year for the use of the name, as opposed to becoming a franchisee. Not a bad deal.

Not sure that I believe enough in the grueling workout to ever go to one myself. I'll stick to avoiding burpees at the Y. Have you started up an exercise program for the New Year? Does it involve burpees?


Rebecca Jo said...

Burpees are BRUTAL

Who thought of bringing old school PE exercises back to life? Shoot them.

Slamdunk said...

Oh gosh, you had me laughing. When I was in the police academy several years ago, one of our mandated group exercises was the burpee. Imagine 40 goobers in cheap yet matching royal blue t-shirts and shorts all doing burpees in cadence.

I usually throw in the towel this time of year, and resurface with regular exercise in mind when the thaw hits in a few weeks.

Charlotte Klein said...

I HATE BURPEES!!!! BUT I will say, that I've noticed they do work and make a difference. I do NOT do that excited jump at the end either :p

I'm actually doing a fat burn Jillian Michaels workout DVD and there's a routine after that I find even more challenging so I like to take really long gulps of water during that section :p

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