Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Be Good To Your Mom"

That is an expression I often use with VC and I think he has finally realized it is good advice. After all, who is gonna stick by you more than good 'ole mom? That is one of the few constants in life. So it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to hear that Eminem, who famously dissed his mom in the song, "Cleanin' Out My Closet" has a song on his new album, MMLP2, where he apologizes to his mom for his harsh words in the past. If Eminem of all people can have an epiphany at this point in his life - and reach out to his mom, there is hope for all the moms out there who may not have an ideal relationship with their kids. It may take some time, but they will come around. Be there with open arms - and food.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Makin' Some Vines

I've been working on some Vines wherein I talk to my cat in a really annoying voice. This is a good one, though, since I do not speak. It features Pumpkin the Juggling Connoisseur:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

48 Hours - Breakup Violence

Wow - Just finished watching last night's episode on "Breakup Violence." Incredibly tragic and moving, especially to see the father who lost his daughter speak.

It boggles my mind why teens are dating so early - exclusively dating - for years...

I would think that kids would be wanting to get out and meet/date and not be tied down to one person bordering on engagement at such a young age.

It is almost as if we are going back to the fifties. Strange.

And worriesome.

If you have a teen, especially a daughter, I encourage you to check out this episode.

You can watch it in full here.

P.S. Congrats to my giveaway winner, Charlotte :-)

Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm Exhausted!

But not in the way you think. Sure I have been going to the Y again, pulling a muscle here, and a muscle there - and sure I have been staying up too late...but what really is exhausting me is keeping up with all VC's activities, knowing he has so many things to get done, and he is only one person, and deadlines are coming up, and he is not moving along fast enough, preferring to go to lunch with his girlfriend....while I sit around and fret.

Yesterday we toured a college that he seems to like. That is a relief because up until now there was not much excitement coming from him as far as colleges were concerned.

Many students at his school are already locked into their colleges and he has only applied to one, clear across the country.

Do you also spend an insane time worrying about your teen not getting anything done, knowing that they have a limited amount of time and that Minecraft and YouTube are probably not the best choices when they work full-time all weekend, every other Friday at their second gig and one to two times a week at their third gig??? and that when they are home they are not making the best use of time?

The feeling of being powerless because so much  hinges on him and he is not around to complete what needs to be completed is absolutely wearing me thin.

I must hold tight - less than 8 months, and it will no longer be my problem ;-)  Hopefully those words won't come back to bite me!

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Guess Who is Now on Pinterest!

A dear bloggy friend and fellow "Jerseyian" has convinced me that I am missing out by not being on Pinterest. I was worried it would suck up more of my time - but I am all for inspiration - considering the funk I have been in lately...let the pinning begin!

If you  have any suggestions, I'm all ears :)

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Pick Your Poison: Fiction or Non-Fiction

Lately I've been reading a lot of the drama behind the casting of the 50 Shades movie. Now that I am officially a tv extra, I keep up on this kind of thing ;-)

On my facebook page, two friends were debating the merits of the book. One advised strongly against wasting my time reading the series, the other enjoyed the books. Last week we were discussing writing/reading as she is currently working on a book and some erotic short stories since there is a market for that these days!  As an aside, I doubt I would ever be qualified to write one of those books. It might put people to sleep...

Anyway, she asked if I read a lot, and I had to be honest, that I do not, since I spend so much wasted time puttering around the internet instead. But the fact is that I am not a big reader of fiction.

I spent my first year working at the art gallery (2007) passing the time away reading books. It all started with The Memory Keeper's Daughter - EXCELLENT BOOK if you haven't read it yet. Then I fell into the mystery/thriller category - books by JD Robb, Harlan Koben (quite good), Patterson, Cornwell, etc.

Eventually they got to be very predictable. I also read several books recommended by my boss at the time, since she was a voracious reader and liked to discuss the books. Most were not my taste, but I muddled through any way: Three Cups of Tea (meh), Eat, Pray, Love (tolerated it), The Help (this was an unexpected treat), The Red Queen (actually turned out to be an interesting period piece), The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society (pass on this one-I've already whined about it in a previous post). Then a couple good picks of my own, such as The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner.

After that first year, I discovered there was a wi-fi connection available, which lead to countless hours blogging and tweeting instead of reading. It became very addictive.

From that point on, I've stuck mainly to non-fiction reading, which is what I really enjoy. Lots of magazines, Radar Online, books on finding fulfilling work, thoughts on living a happy life, oh, and medical ceu credit books!

I think I may start posting some of my favorite thoughts/quotes from some of those books on this here blog just to jog my memory the next time I get in a rut. Ignore the posts if they are not your cup of tea, but you may find some of the material interesting. When I get a chance, I will dig through my "flow (inspiration) folder" (yes, I have one of those)

After all, the blog is not exactly deluged with blog traffic (especially now that my name has been pilfered) to the point that I can't post a few posts here or there for my own self-improvement purposes ;-)

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gifts That Give - A Giveaway!!

As the  holiday season quickly approaches, you may want to consider some alternative gifts that can make a significant impact on the lives of children in impoverished countries as well as in the U.S.

World Vision's Gift Catalog offers a unique set of gifts designed to do just that. Among their top 10 most popular gifts:  5 Ducks (for a $35 donation), A Goat and 2 Chickens ($100) and $350 worth of medicines ($35).

If you choose to support families right here in the US, an $18 donation can feed a family for one day and $22 provides a backpack and school supplies.

There are also over 30 handcrafted gift items in the catalog, including this beautiful Thai bracelet:

This piece of jewelry was part of a project that helps protect vulnerable girls from exploitation.

The Giveaway: One reader will win their choice of one of the gifts listed below.

Colors of Africa Bracelet & Earring Set: This gorgeous Zakale jewelry set is handmade from recycled materials by Kenyan artisans reclaiming their own lives from poverty.
Cinnamon Box: Created from the dried inner bark of Cassia (Cinnamon) trees by skilled artisans in Vietnam; these boxes help families receive social and health insurance as well as the opportunity to apply for scholarship funds.
Hand-woven Headband: This beautiful, 100% cotton headband woven by skilled workers in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala helps address urgent needs of children, families or communities that might otherwise go unmet.
Ornament Set: This set includes three handmade Zakale wire and bead animal trio ornaments from Nairobi.
Gertie the Plush Goat: Gertie is available exclusively through World Vision and represents farm animals that are donated to children and families around the world and provide a steady supply of nutritious food and the surplus can be sold for extra income.

To Enter: Leave a comment which gift you would like to win. For an extra entry, tweet about the giveaway and past the link in a separate comment.  Giveaway ends Friday October 25 at 8:00 pm. Good Luck!

Full Disclosure: I received a gift for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received.


OMG. I am bummed!!!!!

When I stopped using self-hosted wordpress and decided to go back to blogger, I decided to let my domain name go since I didn't need it on blogger and I was all over the place with it - twitter, facebook etc, and now it seems someone has picked it up. GRRRRRRRR....It strikes me as a bit sneaky and snively (made up that word since I am so ticked off). I own another domain, currently for sale, and now I know not to let that one go - EVER...*sniffle, sniffle*

Maybe this is all just one big sign - that I need to spend less time on the internet!

When you spend 5+ years building something up - only to see it snatched in this manner >:-(

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making a Spectacle of Myself

I recently purchased a new pair of glasses for VC. Luckily his vision is very good and his vision correction is minimal.

Unfortunately, I was not so lucky in the eye department, so I am very particular about getting thinner lenses for my eyeglasses and other fancy add-ons. One of the most difficult things is finding the right frame to flatter my face. Having a long-ish face rules out the narrow oval lenses that have been popular the past few years.

While I was shopping with VC for his lenses I decided to try on a few pairs for myself, since my glasses are 10+ years old!  Amazingly my prescription has remained the same all these years. I have such a hard time finding frames I like that it has prevented me from settling on a new pair.

At times I have had someone else with me, I have asked them to take a photo of me in the frames. It is a good way to ensure the frames are flattering before making the purchase. I have also looked online. I figured shopping for eyeglasses online would be difficult since I would be unable to see a photo of myself with the lenses before I order glasses. Enter and their "try on" feature. I simply uploaded a photo of myself, re-sized it, and "tried on" lots of frames.

You can see my results here. I was especially drawn to their wayfarer style of frames:

The virtual mirror application is very easy to use. Here is a sample of what the screen looks like: is offering a 10% discount for my readers on prescription glasses. Enter code: Blog10 at checkout. Also be sure to check their site for other generious sitewide discounts!

They also offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and 100% money back guarantee, so your purchase is virtually risk-free!

Full Disclosure: This post was sponsored by


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life's Not Fair!

We went to see VC at the RenFest this weekend. This possibly being his "swan song" year - we are going to make the most of it and will see him perform another time or two.

He currently performs 3 stage slots with his partner as well as roaming the streets and street performing. He works up quite a sweat - especially opening weekend when temps were close to 90 degrees and he was juggling wearing an upholstered costume with knee high socks and a sash and hat.

...which brings me to the subject of this post.

MB came home the first weekend raving about a new street guy who walks around and looks uber hot. That is his talent, looking HOT... when we bumped into him this weekend, MB encouraged me to get a photo with him. He has a Jack Sparrow vibe and is very tall as you can see.

And of course, I had to tip him...

Moral of the story: you can have all the talent in the world (among other things juggling 8 balls as VC does as part of his act) -

or you can be born HOT and get much higher tips without working up a sweat or having to learn a skill.

Yep, life's not fair, but it does provide a good photo op!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Sudsy Matter

Did you see the recent uproar over the Babble blogger Claire Goss who copped to only bathing her baby once a week - sometimes less - on average, every 10 days? She says the baby still smells nice. Hmmmm...not being there to do a smell test, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. Not something I would do - as I am a regular bather. I recall bathing my son several times a week when he was an infant.

One thing I do agree with though is her assertion that too much soap is inhibiting our resistance. After developing a thyroid issue, I removed all antibacterial soap from our home. One of the big culprits is the chemical Triclosan, which is something I also discovered was in the toothpaste I had been using for 10+ years!! You never know what products these chemicals can sneak up in.

*also look for check for phthalates - I am not asserting that any of these chemicals are in the picture above..

For a while I was using a black licorice soap from the local healthy market. Now I am just avoiding antibacterial soap (less expensive this way). I am also trying to cut back on my hand sanitizer addiction, after I realized it was destroying my nails. I almost thought I had a horrible disease that was causing them to constantly split and break, and then I saw a video about how the alcohol causes the nails to dry out and peel.

All of our vigilance in avoiding bacterial seems to be backfiring...

Have you also cut back on your antibacterial products amid the recent news reports?
What do you think about bathing a baby so infrequently?


Friday, October 4, 2013

Not Gonna Let Anyone Get the Best of Me! (effective now)

Last night I was working at one of my freelance assignments. I have done at least 20 of these events - and for the most part, everyone has been quite friendly...

Until last night - when I came across my first "hostile" individual. To my amazement, despite his attempts to throw me off course, I kept my composure and did my job without blinking.

Years ago this type of encounter would have sent me into major stress mode. I probably would have turned red and broken out in hives.

So this was quite a personal achievement for me. Maybe there are a few perks to getting older, like not letting anyone get the best of you. To throw in a Katy Perry cliche, "no more "agreeing polite-ly."

Have you had this happen? Are there any other perks of middle age yet to come? Please tell me some good news!
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