Monday, August 12, 2013

Doin' a Bit of Ghost Hunting and other Stuff

WOW! I never figured so many of us were on the same page with the hair cut thing! This is good news :-)

Although I am reminded that I never posted pics from Niagara Falls, it is time to move on to Charleston, SC. We just got back in town from our annual 3-day trip to Charleston,. The beach at Isle of Palms was as beautiful as ever. Aside from donating my CK Sunglasses (purchased at a deep discount) to the ocean when I was boogie boarding, the trip was delightful!

We discovered you are never too old to make a sandcastle:

We ate at our favorite pizza place Andolinis:

This being VC's last summer before he heads off to college *sniff sniff* we are maximizing family time and we decided to throw a Ghost Tour into the mix.

Here's the sad part. The guide who took us on the tour *may have been* suffering from some type of early-onset dementia. He couldn't have been much older than me - but he repeated himself to the point where it was starting to make everyone concerned and uncomfortable. This is a kind of touchy thing where no one wants to alert him that the reason we know what an object is was that he told us approximately 1.5 minutes ago!!! :-( He was very knowledgeable and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour - it's just sometimes he got caught in one of those loops...

I felt so badly. Do you step in and say something at the end of the tour? His memory lapses were so frequent within the hour and a half that we were with him that it was very disconcerting. We didn't say anything but it left me wondering  how to handle this type of thing.

We didn't see any ghosts but one member of our group did take an amazing photo with about 20 orbs floating around a gravestone. While I realize a lot of  this can be explained by the flash reflecting off dust in the air, it would be neat if it was an actual ghost!

ahhh - here's an orb in this photo (above the M):

We were equipped with electro-magnetic detectors like the real ghost hunters used, which was a hoot! There was a guy in the group who was having a blast testing everything as we were walking and would explain "I think I've got something here!"

Have you ever come across a ghost? I'm uber skeptical about everything but it is fun to ponder...How would you have handled the situation with the tour guide?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why My Hair Looks Ho Hum

A lot of you probably get super excited about a visit to the salon. Not here. Nope. I go maybe every 2 months or so when I drag myself there - to one of those walk-in joints.

I decided to go on a slow day: A Monday. There was only one stylist there when I came in and then walked in another one who I've seen there several times.

She isn't very smiley. A little standoffish if you ask me.

And guess who I ended up getting? You guessed it!

As she was cutting my hair she was talking to the other stylist making fun of a guy who comes in to flirt with her - because he was wearing in her words 'flood pants' - with white socks - that she said made him look like a Michael Jackson wannabe. After laughing loudly a couple times - at the same thing - it got old quickly.

Her making fun of the guy was interspersed by terse reminders to sit up straight and keep my chin down. That was the extent of her conversation with me.

Then she was done. Didn't even bother to ask me if I wanted to get my hair blown dry - she probably assessed my lack of attention to my hair and figured why bother.

As I was checking out she remarked on my T-Shirt (the one with the girls I designed) - I couldn't even feign much enthusiasm at that point...

Anyhoo, I always feel a little awkward at the hair salon. Now I know why.

It is a good thing I did not go for a high maintenance pixie cut like Beyonce that would require regular salon visits. Besides, the last time I could pull off a pixie was when I was 16...
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