Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All Excited for Nothing

Where I live there are lots of local free magazines that I always stock up on when I'm at the grocery store. One is a fairly decent publication that features articles, tips, etc. for woman in our area.

This month's issue they featured successful professional women and at the end of the magazine a profile of a "Woman who Personifies What Makes (my town) Women so Great"

It was a one page feature of a woman who sells body wraps (Ultimate Body Applicators). Being interested in health and staying fit, I was impressed especially after she said she quit her wedding photography business to focus on being a distributor of ItWorks! products. After 7 months she was able to earn a "very tidy monthly income."

Well, I set the page aside meaning to look up the specifics of her business on the computer.

For some reason I had never heard of the company before. And then it clicked, this company is a MLM company. GAH!!

Of all the successful local women who have opened their own businesses they chose to feature someone who is looking to schedule "wrap parties."

It seems some folks have found a measure of success with using the wraps. Google ItWorks! wraps for images of all sorts of saggy bellies that were supposedly transformed into tighter bellies.

After searching keywords ItWorks! MLM Scam, my eyebrows were raised. And after seeing the product can be purchased on Amazon, I couldn't quite grasp how an independent distributor such as this woman could be making beaucoup bucks. Maybe I'm missing something here...

Another turn off was that with the product you coat the wrap with a gel that contains, according to what I read, some unhealthy ingredients...although I have not  verified this is the case.

Have you had any experience with this company? Am I the last one to hear of it? Have  you transformed your sagging belly?

Do you hear MLM and run for the hills???

Now let me go back to earning pennies from my lucrative blog ;-)

P.S. I no sooner hit "publish" when I saw an email from a local savings website - selling Skinny Miss Wraps- and these are only $15 and promise results for 6 months! Color me skeptical - but it seems wraps are the product du jour!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


After spending the better part of the day on Sunday trying to coax Pumpkin into allowing me to trim her nails - and then doing an awful job since I had to clip them so quickly in order not to get bitten,

the heavens opened this morning when I was working out and flipped the channel to America Now, where they were testing the Pedi Paws:

I was so geeked that I logged onto ebay, only to be outbid 1 hour and 36 mins later.

The product is very inexpensive. I am not deterred. I will get my 'paws' on one :D

But, before I bid again, have any of you tried this out on your cat in particular?

With reviews like this, how can I go wrong? ;-)  If all else fails we can use it on ourselves when we get elderly:

"Suggested by a neighbor who likes it. I tried it, and liked it. We elderly use it not for our pets, but to trim our toenails!"

"Before you can actually use this product you first must accustom your pet to the PediPaws. Unless he or she is in a coma, your pet will absolutely despise the sound and vibration of it."

"It wasn't me that hated it. It was the cats. They wouldn't get anywhere near it. Bad owner. Bad. Sit."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back from our Roadtrip with a Hankering to Become Pickers - and maybe Swamp People!

We got back in town last night from our road trip to Niagara Falls. In all my many years, that is one place I never visited. We stayed in Ontario. Beautiful spot. More on the trip later.

My son, who is 17, loves a good road trip. He prefers this type of trip to any other type. We saw many sights in our 7 days - but one of the highlights for him besides setting up his own technical lab in the car, and eating out, was watching the History Channel.

We don't have cable, so we get approximately 3.5 channels. The big benefit of this lack of cable is that it frees up lots of time.

After one night on the trip spent viewing American Pickers, we were hooked and by the last night we had to force ourselves to turn off the TV after the 3rd episode that night.

It is a very addictive show.

We stopped at Pickers Paradise on the way home after I saw a sign on the highway. I think we will need a lot more educating before we are ready to become official pickers, plus I am a minimalist, so there's that...but it is awfully fun to look!

When not watching American Pickers, we were lured in (pun not intended) - by Swamp People. Very intriguing waiting to see if all of the teams would tag out for the season (they did).

Next year I am thinking our road trip needs to be History Channel themed. Maybe we could go to Indiana to visit the American Pickers at their shop Antique Archaeology and then head to the bayou to see the Swamp People in action...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Great Weight Debate

Well, MB and I have entered into a debate this morning about if it is ever appropriate to ask a chick her weight.

This was on the heels of someone asking me this question yesterday. I say it is never appropriate. He says it is fine.

This same person went shopping with me a week ago and had to look at my pant size so now I have to hear over and over again, "Well it must be tough being a size ____ , Hello Ms. Size ____" etc.

Don't get me wrong this is a kind-hearted person, but it is starting to make me very uncomfortable as if it is some kind of competition.

What are your thoughts?

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Truth Hurts

We had a very busy Fourth of July yesterday and I hope yours was great too.

I joined my husband and VC for a morning at the swimming hole for the yearly celebration. VC brought along his gf and they frolicked until it was game time, so that he could continue his reign as the "best dive/trick" champion.

Not much for swimming or pools, I hung out on the side in my chair and watched the action, in between nagging him to put on more sunscreen and videotaping his dives.

Later we went to the fireworks celebration in another town. We haaaaaad to get there 4 hours early because this my regimented husband MB insists this must be done. We parked in the same parking lot they always park in, but not in the same row of parking so I had to hear all about the benefits of trying to squeeze into the spot on that row that I did not want to try backing into.

It was a long night. I drove home to the sounds of snores.

I went up to talk to VC at night to encourage him to GET TO BED since it was after one.

It was at that point that I got to hear how he views me as "unhappy" because I didn't go in the pool and merely sat on the side in the shade. He pointed out that I didn't speak to any of the people there. A-hem, maybe because they were all there with their own families and I did not know any of them although there were over 100 people at the pool.

He said that he wonders when I am going to be happy and pondered if there is ever going to be anything that makes me happy.

It is truly sad to hear this from your child. I know I am not the most bubbly person, although I am still very sociable when I need to be.

He has said this over the years in passing (the unhappy part).

And it hurts.

Maybe because it is the truth.
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