Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WOW Those are Some High Aspirations!

This is exactly what I was referring to in my A Sobering Poll post. The future looks fairly bleak when our teens have discovered it is much more work to study and work hard at a job than it is to make a sex tape and get a quick buck instead.

It was announced today that "teen mom" Farrah Abraham sealed a 7 figure deal to distribute her sex tape with PRoN star James Deen.

Seven figures??? Assuming she is telling the truth - but even if it was more like six figures, it is sad that she had to resort to this level to keep her name in the news and to avoid having to possibly put to use her culinary degree.

Is this what we are teaching our kids? To take the easy way out?

So much of what made the "Good 'Ole Days" good was the lack of comparisons via the internet. Now it is not enough for a kid to be a good singer, dancer etc. because one click of the internet and you can always find someone who is infinitely better at something than you are - or someone who has achieved quick fame. Back when the world was a whole lot smaller there was a lot less to compare yourself to. Perhaps it was easier on the self esteem and perhaps it kept us focused on going to school and trying to get a job the old-fashioned way, which worked for decades...

Up until this generation of me, me, me, me. I want it now!! kids...

That combined with the general lack of respect - for anyone - including themselves, makes me think the best days may really have been in the past. Sad.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

A NOVICA Giveaway! In Time for Mother's Day YAY!

I always enjoy the opportunity to highlight NOVICA's unique handmade items from around the world - not only because of the uniqueness and expert craftsmanship, but also because of the opportunity to support these talented artists so that they can continue to do what they love.

In time for Mother's Day, I've handpicked some of NOVICA's handmade Mother's Day gifts that your Mother (or mother of your kids) will love:

First, this cotton hobo handbag "Summer Sonnet" - perfect for spring/summer - makes me smile!

Another great gift idea for the Mom who appreciates fine art, a blown glass vase "Saint's Day" - beautiful!

and for the mom who loves jewelry, these cheerful gemstone flower earrings 'Andean Bouquet'
Did you notice how well these gift suggestions coordinate with each other?? (pats self on back ;-) )

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Sobering Poll

Watching CBS Sunday Morning (as I've written about plenty of times before - me and the 80 year olds) - and there was a very sobering poll this morning - on the Future themed episode:

Best days are in the:

Future  35%
Past  49%

There are plenty of days I think that I was meant for simpler times...so I have to agree with the 49%

What about you?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why the Bias?

You may be assuming this post is going to be about racial profiling in wake of the Boston terror tragedy. It is not.

You may be assuming it is about a bias against people who are left-handed and wear unseemly clothing from the 70's.

Nope. Wrong on both counts....

I am speaking about the bias against PREPAID CELL PHONES!!!

I am not a tekkie (nothing new there) or someone who has to have the latest gadget, but I am positively drooling over the (cue drum roll) Samsung Galaxy:

NOTE: The one I really like is the bigger Note, but this outdated model is the one that is available on prepaid (as luck would have it :P )

The cell phone I am using now is one of those $30 Samsung's with pull out keyboard that I pay $15 a month for service via Net 10 prepaid. It has served me well, assuming I never need to (a) check and email (b) type a lengthy message since once you hit the alt key you have to consciously remember to hit it again or you type out a line that looks like this:

&&%^^^ (#@;;;

seriously, I typed a message to a friend last week that was 90% gibberish because I chose to hit the alt key to make an exclamation point. I did  not realize this until the message had been sent!!!  This is the same friend that I have at least 5 times sent a message intending to send it to VC. So I look like a complete texting fool!!

(c) Get directions easily while out and about and (d) do anything other than making a phone call.

So as you can see, I am in need of an upgrade.

VC knows I have been drooling over the Galaxy, so last night when we attended a performance at his school and the woman next to me placed down her phone - and he noticed it was a Galaxy - he gave me the eye. I asked how she liked it and she mentioned she purchased it because it was now marked down to $50 at Best Buy. I immediately said I was thinking of getting one - but without the contract since I we only use prepaid phones.

Cue immediate embarrassment on my part after I realized what I blurted out. I knew she might judge me as someone who cannot afford a phone plan, who has bad credit or is a ne'er do well.  Why is that? She probably thought nothing of the sort (she did) - but why is there such a stigma against prepaid phones?

They sure are cheap on a monthly basis without all the hidden fees. You can make up the price of the phone within a month or two with the low monthly cost for service.

I just don't get it....

As pointed out above the model is a little outdated, but I've never been one to follow the latest fad. Aside from that I can't see any drawbacks.

Enlighten me with fun stories about all that you can do with your contract cell phone service that I will be unable to do with my prepaidphone (said quickly so you won't realize it is prepaid).

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Disturbing and Perplexing Things in the News

I first wrote about this topic in 2009 when a teenager died of diabetes since her parents refused medical treatment -- and it has reared its ugly head again: a couple has lost their second child because they decided to pray for healing instead of seeking medical attention. Yep, not one but two kids killed due to their negligence. Doesn't matter what your religious beliefs are, if you see an innocent baby dying - GET MEDICAL ATTENTION!!  Pray too if you are so inclined but get medical attention first!!! Pathetic!

Secondly, I can't get this picture off my mind? What the heck happened to this model's butt? A fallen implant perhaps? Disturbing.

Hope your week if off to a great start!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Floors

For those of you interested in seeing the outcome of our  new bamboo floors:

Not sure that I am down with the carpet, but it is one that we already had :)

Cleaning will be a breeze from now on!!  My Swiffer is calling me....

Friday, April 5, 2013

Good Riddance Spring Break!

Boy, am I ready to get back into the normal swing of things. Our new bamboo flooring was finished at 1:30 in the morning on Monday. It was a grueling few days but everything is reasonably back into place. The house is a bit of an echo chamber...but it looks really really nice :-)

Does anyone have any suggestions as to some good rug gripper strips??? I was going to order some Ruggies but then I saw the bad reviews....and further bad reviews on just about every rug strip on Amazon....

I already broke my toe last night in an unrelated incident so the last thing I need is a slip and fall on the rug!

Did I write about my husband's trip to the ER with the horrendous stomach bug a week ago. We were turned away at Urgent Care, probably because they did not want to stay too late with the IV - by the time they saw him it was 7:00 pm and they closed at 8:00 - the doctor made some ridiculous excuse and then sent us on our way to the ER.

The upshot: What would have been a $25 copay at Urgent Care has turned into a $5,300 ER bill so far - and that doesn't even include the ER doctor and radiologist from when they did the unneeded CT Scan.

Luckily we will "only" have to pay around $1500 - but what a joke. This was for a stomach bug - he was not giving birth!!!!

The system is completely broken. What an utter waste.

The Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

It's that time of year again! UBP Time!

I am not much for hopping after I broke my toe the other night, but I will still be participating - from my seat with my foot elevated...

You can learn more than you want to know about me by clicking on the aptly titled "About Me" tab.

Facts such as:

1. In many of my baby pictures, I resembled Suri Cruise.

2. I recently blew out the inner lining of my eyeball and the doctor suspected it was due to my recent Pilates obsession!!

3. My "backside" was nominated for the Best of my High School Graduating Class!! Quite an honor ;-)

4. I do a good Keith Morrison impersonation and am a proud Dateline groupie. Not very happy with the new change from Fridays to Wednesdays though!!

Thanks for stopping by - Happy Hopping!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Not a Bad Suggestion

I hope those who celebrate the holiday had a Happy Easter!  We spent the day lugging around applicances, dismantling furniture and preparing the main floor for our bamboo floor installation which starts today - right now. I am holed up in the guest room upstairs to escape the noise...

My aching back and legs are happy for the respite!

Oh, when I say "we" spent the day lugging around furniture and appliances, that is because my able bodied teen son spent the entire day up until I picked him up at 11:30 PM with his girlfriend and her large family at her grandmother's house. It really is difficult to get a teen to do any work these days!!!  I worry for our future.

...which brings to mind the article by the mom who is a Princeton University graduate, whose two sons currently attend, who had the gall to recommend in a letter to the editor that female students snag a male student before graduating to make for a rewarding future and to avoid dating potential idiots once they are out of college and in the regular dating pool.

Well, that was the impression I got from reading the article. Others felt it had set woman back a generation and/or that she was begging for dates for her sons. It caused complete hysteria.

To me, it seems like reasonably sound advice - and I wouldn't label myself as an extremely old fashioned convervatie mom.

Others are pointing out that the school is a snob-fest and who wants to end up with someone like that. I know of someone who's son attended and they strike me as very down to earth people. I'm sure the school attracts all types - but either way, they are intelligent types, and that is not a bad thing to look for in a spouse.

What are your thoughts?

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