Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Are NOT Well

MB recently had a flare-up of something that had gone into remission for years. Frustrated with the thought of being on medication potentially forever for something he had never taken medication for, and even more frustrated by the conventional medical treatment he was receiving, I suggested looking into some alternatives, namely an osteopath or acupuncture etc.

After doing some reading on the topic, I discovered acupuncture was not useful for this particular condition, and after getting some weird vibes reading about some of the "out there" osteopath techniques, we decided both those methods were out.

Well, along came the local paper with one of those ads from a local chiropractor/wellness guy promising all sorts of goodies related to this particular condition - as in getting well without Rx medication! Space at the information session was limited!!! ;-)

Color me sucked in again. Years ago I had visited one and after paying for some initial testing - did not follow through when I saw the $6K price tag, especially since much of it was for supplements.

Now, I'm all for supplements in moderation but not potentially hazardous supplements in the long term.

So there we were sitting with another wellness guy.

He performed several "nerve tests" on MB and concluded his brain was out of whack - now, I could have told them this without the testing!!!!  ;-)

Here's the interesting thing (interesting if you are a healthy/wellness geek like me who does not always eat healthy): We got home and I tried several of the tests myself - and failed as well - and so did VC to some degree.

For the two of you wondering what the tests were like: Put one of your fingers around and directly above your head with your finger pointing parallel to the ground; close your eyes and put your other finger above your head and see if you can touch the tip of the first finger spot-on. Not so easy, HUH?

Next, march in place like Frankenstein for 60 steps with your eyes closed and see if you wander or stay in the same spot. We both wandered.

When we brought this up on our next visit, that the couple friends we tested also had problems with the test, he concluded that we were all NOT well - and offered to get out the textbook to show us that those were legit tests and that he went to a convention with several doctors a while ago and that they all passed the tests with flying colors because they followed the program.

Let me wrap things up before I bore you to death. Here's the upshot: For 6 months of treatment, which will include funky test designed to get the brain back in balance - (this involves putting a tube of oxygen up your nose while you hear sounds and flashing lights) - and metabolic treatment involving lots of blood work (which I completely agree would be of some value) - plus supplements - we are looking at $7,500 to $8,000 out of pocket.

Now, I'm sure we are not the last to get pulled in by this promise of restoring ones self to good health, but what concerns me is that the next week he was advertising for an info session for another totally different condition. It smacks of used car salesman to me, but then I'm a huge skeptic.

I completely agree with a lot of his dietary changes, but that's something we can try on our own.

More on this topic later but I wanted to throw this out there to get the discussion started. Have you ever tried one of these wellness centers and found success??  No need to divulge medical conditions, just curious if anyone has found life-altering success at one of these centers, because they are everywhere!!

OMG - is this TWO posts in TWO days??? I am like a REAL blogger!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just Me Being Judgmental

I was looking through one of those local magazines that you get for free at the grocery. *I like free*

There it was again - another studio has opened - where they teach people to paint while serving wine. UGH. The photos of people holding a glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other just screamed,"Look at me. I am so uppity and fake classy." Ah, I think the word I am looking for is "pretentious."

Not to judge.

Not sure about you, but I prefer to do my paintings without libations - and they still come out halfway decent.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pilates and Other Updates

First, from what I'm reading in the news it appears the mom from my previous post may have allegedly been meeting up in Turkey with some unsavory types. I guess we all had an idea there had to be more to the story....

Secondly, I wanted to say I am truly enjoying group exercise classes. In the past, I've never participated in any outside of my belly dance classes.

Come to find out how incredibly out of shape I'm in- as I was sucking some serious wind yesterday in the Pilates mat class. It is shocking how inflexible I am in some areas too :-(

Yesterday's instructor was a throw-back from the eighties. She was about my age, about 5 foot tall with a whooty (thanks TMZ) and about as perky as could be. Loved her - lots of "hollas" and "love me some Bruno Mars" sprinkled in throughout the workout. She also mentioned seeing Rod Stewart in Vegas so I knew she was from my generation LOL.

I am keeping busy with substitute teaching and the per diem medical gigs. Quickly arriving at the conclusion that 2 part-time jobs are as exhausting as one full-time job. Hopefully things will slow down soon.

What's new by you?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Traveling Alone

I was saddened to read that the body of Sarai Sierra has been found in Turkey. I have been following this story closely since a high school classmate of mine opened up a coffee shop in Istanbul.

It was very surprising when it was first discovered that she was missing that Sarai, a mother of two in her thirties, had traveled to Turkey alone to take some photos for her photography hobby.

This was her first time outside the country.

Gotta say that I have never been brave enough to travel alone. The thought has always spooked me a bit, worried about this or that happening, such as being stranded, when reality is I could probably navigate the situation.

Still, I continue to be fearful. My thoughts are with her family, especially her young children.

Have you ever gone on a trip alone?
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