Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Please Restrain Me the Next Time I Contemplate Participating in a 12 Hour Twitter Party

Off the bat, I know you are wondering what made me think to participate in the first place- and when was this party.

As it happened, I was perusing blogs that I haven't visited in a while on Sunday night. Not the normal handful of blogs I visit, these were blogs that I wondering whether they were still active. It had been that long. I visited a certain lifestyle blog and the most recent post happened to mention a Land's End Twitter Party on Monday from 9 to 9.

I did a double take. Surely they must have meant 8 pm to 9 pm???? I re-read it. No, the party was indeed from 9 am to 9 pm - as in 12 Freakin' Hours!!!!!!!!!!!

That should have been my first indication to run away fast from my computer.

But, oh nooooooooooooooooooos, I am never that sensible :-(

Long story short. Guess who did work while intermittantly checking the computer and tweeting from 9 am to 9 pm on Monday?

Guess what I won?

Ah, well, yeah, that would be NOTHING.

Things I could have done accomplished in that time:

(1) gone for a workout
(2) cleaned bathrooms
(3) gotten out the Swiffer
(4) written about 90 new blog posts to have at the ready for future posting
(5) experimented with new makeup to make my eyes look less old lady-like
(6) practiced my juggling
(7) nagged teenage son about not procrastinating (although come to think of it I did do that)
(8) caught up on laundry
(9) cooked a new dish instead of the 4 I have in the normal rotation
(10) pet the cat more- and be at her beck and call when something got stuck under the closet door more (did do both of those but could have done a better job of it)

Moral of the story: Please remind me of this the next time I get super-geeked to do a 12 hour twitter party. THERE WILL BE NO NEXT TIME.

Congratulations to Renee, winner of my NOVICA giveaway!


LL Cool Joe said...

But what do you do at a 12 twitter party?? I'm not on Facebook or Twitter.

Rebecca Jo Vincent said...

WHAT? I'm curious what you did for 12 hours too on Twitter.

Truth be told, I sit at work for 10 hours & sit on Twitter... :)

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