Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crying All Night? Seriously???

By now we have all heard the story of Tracey Sole who ordered an Android tablet for her daughter and the UPS Guy decided to put it "safely" in her black garbage container, at which point it was picked up by the sanitation folks.

Sad story. I can understand that she saved up for weeks for this surprise for her daughter. I can understand that the UPS guy could use a lesson in proper delivery procedures....

What I can't understand is that she was reportedly "crying all night" over the loss of the tablet.

Wouldn't it have occurred to her that she had proof the tablet was left in the garbage can, which should give her some leverage in having the tablet replaced? Wouldn't that have taken a phone call or two???

I have heard a lot of sad news lately, such as a high school classmate who suffered a major debilitating stroke this week. He is my age and still had plenty of living to do. Or the relative of a friend who's daughter has been diagnosed with cancer - at age 11.

Tragedies worth being distressed about.

The loss of a tablet which most likely would not be a loss, especially since chances are that it would be replaced....When did we get to the point that things are valued so much as to spend the night crying about them?

Glad the story had a happy ending. Not glad that I need to keep hearing about it every 20 minutes on the local news station. Life is short. Let's get to living, not buying. Or fretting over buys that are lost but likely to be replaced and do not warrant contacting news agencies...

Ahhhh, happy to see that some good has come of this after all: People offered donations to purchase a new tablet for her, but since the company was replacing it, she requested that those donations go to Toys for Tots. As they say in the South : "Good on her."

*oh, and the freaking out because the replacement Android may not arrive in time for Christmas???  why not print out a photo of it and wrap that up. I ordered a gift for MB over a month ago but it is backordered and will not arrive in time. Guess what I'm gonna do?


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

sad isn't it? entitlement kids.

I get why the UPS man did that to hide it from those stealing off the porch. But he may not have thought that one out so well.

Rebecca Jo Vincent said...

Kids today are so spoiled. My 3 yr old grandson got a Kindle Fire for Christmas last year... & my 8 yr old nieces got iPads... I don't even have these things. Seriously?

mac said...

You're right. This one is not worth shedding a single tear.
I'd probably cuss a couple of times, inform UPS they owed me another, then tell the kids Christmas will be a couple o' days late this year.

fizzycat said...

Yes I would have asked for a replacement,then told the kids it would be a little while longer to arrive.
Nothing to cry about.
Sending best wishes to your classmate and the little girl.

Slamdunk said...

Good grief. I missed that story--so many other pressing issues in the world to cry about though.

I hope you and the family are doing well Carma.

Charlotte Klein said...

Yikes. People really need to get their priorities figured out. I haven't heard this story, but don't think I'd spend a minute crying over it. I mean, there are some serious things going on in the world (so very sorry to hear about your classmate and friend's relative). These are the things that make life seem all the more fragile, and they allow us to realize exactly what IS important. A kindle that will be replaced a few days after Christmas? I mean, come on. (And yes, to the friend who said that kids are so spoiled now).

Anyway, that was very Bah Humbug of me, sorry, LOL!! Hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas, Carma! And wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy 2014!!! XOXO

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