Friday, December 13, 2013

Cat Problem: Solved

Being the "softie" that I am, I was all set to put only soft ornaments on the tree so that Pumpkin could continue with her tree climbing adventures, but MB was insistent that we put the breakable ornaments on the tree. He is a man of tradition (aka stubborn German). He recalled seeing the Sunbeam Egg during one of our trips to Petsmart.
He installed the "egg" - and after two bursts of air (cat activity is determined by motion detector), Pumpkin decided it was not worth messing with the tree. If you have a similar cat problem that needs solving, the egg sells for $40 at Petsmart. Drawback is that you need to buy refillable cartridges ($12 each) - so it can get pricey. She still loves playing with the train, though:

VC is wondering at what point I morphed into crazy cat lady. What can I say, she has stolen my heart :-)

Please don't let this dissuade you from visiting the blog though, I promise more non-catcentric posts to come. A lot has been going on outside of cat news...

How are your holiday plans coming along?

1 comment:

fizzycat said...

Beautiful cat there.

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