Friday, October 4, 2013

Not Gonna Let Anyone Get the Best of Me! (effective now)

Last night I was working at one of my freelance assignments. I have done at least 20 of these events - and for the most part, everyone has been quite friendly...

Until last night - when I came across my first "hostile" individual. To my amazement, despite his attempts to throw me off course, I kept my composure and did my job without blinking.

Years ago this type of encounter would have sent me into major stress mode. I probably would have turned red and broken out in hives.

So this was quite a personal achievement for me. Maybe there are a few perks to getting older, like not letting anyone get the best of you. To throw in a Katy Perry cliche, "no more "agreeing polite-ly."

Have you had this happen? Are there any other perks of middle age yet to come? Please tell me some good news!
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