Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm Exhausted!

But not in the way you think. Sure I have been going to the Y again, pulling a muscle here, and a muscle there - and sure I have been staying up too late...but what really is exhausting me is keeping up with all VC's activities, knowing he has so many things to get done, and he is only one person, and deadlines are coming up, and he is not moving along fast enough, preferring to go to lunch with his girlfriend....while I sit around and fret.

Yesterday we toured a college that he seems to like. That is a relief because up until now there was not much excitement coming from him as far as colleges were concerned.

Many students at his school are already locked into their colleges and he has only applied to one, clear across the country.

Do you also spend an insane time worrying about your teen not getting anything done, knowing that they have a limited amount of time and that Minecraft and YouTube are probably not the best choices when they work full-time all weekend, every other Friday at their second gig and one to two times a week at their third gig??? and that when they are home they are not making the best use of time?

The feeling of being powerless because so much  hinges on him and he is not around to complete what needs to be completed is absolutely wearing me thin.

I must hold tight - less than 8 months, and it will no longer be my problem ;-)  Hopefully those words won't come back to bite me!

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1 comment:

Rebecca Jo said...

Yep... be careful... our youngest became a big deal to worry about again her early 20's... bite your tongue :)

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