Friday, October 11, 2013

A Sudsy Matter

Did you see the recent uproar over the Babble blogger Claire Goss who copped to only bathing her baby once a week - sometimes less - on average, every 10 days? She says the baby still smells nice. Hmmmm...not being there to do a smell test, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. Not something I would do - as I am a regular bather. I recall bathing my son several times a week when he was an infant.

One thing I do agree with though is her assertion that too much soap is inhibiting our resistance. After developing a thyroid issue, I removed all antibacterial soap from our home. One of the big culprits is the chemical Triclosan, which is something I also discovered was in the toothpaste I had been using for 10+ years!! You never know what products these chemicals can sneak up in.

*also look for check for phthalates - I am not asserting that any of these chemicals are in the picture above..

For a while I was using a black licorice soap from the local healthy market. Now I am just avoiding antibacterial soap (less expensive this way). I am also trying to cut back on my hand sanitizer addiction, after I realized it was destroying my nails. I almost thought I had a horrible disease that was causing them to constantly split and break, and then I saw a video about how the alcohol causes the nails to dry out and peel.

All of our vigilance in avoiding bacterial seems to be backfiring...

Have you also cut back on your antibacterial products amid the recent news reports?
What do you think about bathing a baby so infrequently?



Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I so agree with this topic Carma!
Your body must learn to fight off bacteria. Your body was made that way. Sure you don't need to be careless but I do not use antibacteria things like purell. It only causes more illness.
It has been proven time and time again. Common sense should prevail here but as we all know if sense were indeed common more folks would have it.

Same goes with our GMO's which is the leading cause of gluten sensitivies. When are we going to learn that natural is just best.

But bathing every 10 days? I draw the line there.

angelcel said...

I've been saying for *ages* that all these anti-bacterial products are bad news. Whilst I don't advocate wallowing in dirt, it does seem to be true that the healthiest children are often from farming families. Both my daughters' partners came from households that were *fanatical* about cleanliness and use oodles of antibacterial products. Both men suffer from allergies. Coincidence? Maybe...maybe not.

Bathing a child every 10 days is a bad precedent to set. As an adult they'll stink after 10 days. Start as you'd like them to continue, I think.

Hmm...things to avoid in products - tell me about it. It's alarming when you become aware of how we're all being dosed up with stuff every day without ever realising. Phthalates are commonly in deodorant, along with other little 'gems' that can cause liver and heart damage, cancer ... I have found quite a good 'natural' deodorant BTW, if you are interested. It sucks that we have to become experts at everything if we really want to remain 'safe'.

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