Tuesday, July 23, 2013


After spending the better part of the day on Sunday trying to coax Pumpkin into allowing me to trim her nails - and then doing an awful job since I had to clip them so quickly in order not to get bitten,

the heavens opened this morning when I was working out and flipped the channel to America Now, where they were testing the Pedi Paws:

I was so geeked that I logged onto ebay, only to be outbid 1 hour and 36 mins later.

The product is very inexpensive. I am not deterred. I will get my 'paws' on one :D

But, before I bid again, have any of you tried this out on your cat in particular?

With reviews like this, how can I go wrong? ;-)  If all else fails we can use it on ourselves when we get elderly:

"Suggested by a neighbor who likes it. I tried it, and liked it. We elderly use it not for our pets, but to trim our toenails!"

"Before you can actually use this product you first must accustom your pet to the PediPaws. Unless he or she is in a coma, your pet will absolutely despise the sound and vibration of it."

"It wasn't me that hated it. It was the cats. They wouldn't get anywhere near it. Bad owner. Bad. Sit."


McVal said...

It freaks out our dogs... Good luck tho! I hear cat scratches are in!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

We use a dremel on our dog. We've used it since she was a puppy to help on my wood floors. She is fine with it. Bought it on Amazon.
Sorry don't know about cats. All my friends with cats have house cats so they are declawed. Good luck.

Where the Fur Flies said...

I'm with Margaret. It's the same as a dremel. I use one on my poodle all the time, but I don't know if it'd be any easier on a cat than clipping the nails. You need them to hold their feet still, just the same as you do when clipping. If she not accustomed to clipping, you might have better luck getting a groomer or vet to do it the first few times.

Slamdunk said...

Looks interesting Carma. I trim the dogs nails, but it is a real wrestling match.

angelcel said...

Hahaha!!! Sounds great - wouldn't mind it for my toenails either! I wonder how she'll feel about it? Ours would go mental. I've seen a cat being hoovered on the net and with one fluff ball here, I do wish we'd thought to try this when she was little. Hoovering and dremmel drilling the kitty sounds firm but fair to me ... if you can avoid being scratched to pieces! ;p

Rebecca Jo said...

We can't even get the regular clippers next to our dog without her freaking out... I can't imagine something that hums & spins coming at her. My face would be ate off.

LL Cool Joe said...

Our cats loved having their nails cut. Weird I know.

Charlotte Klein said...

I never tried this product but used to have a pet vac that I tried on a few pups and they all hated it, my last foster dog in particular. I think it was the vibrations that terrified him. BUT this seems to be effective and I have heard some good reviews. Plus, it beats doing it the other way. I'm too terrified of cutting too much of the nail.

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