Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All Excited for Nothing

Where I live there are lots of local free magazines that I always stock up on when I'm at the grocery store. One is a fairly decent publication that features articles, tips, etc. for woman in our area.

This month's issue they featured successful professional women and at the end of the magazine a profile of a "Woman who Personifies What Makes (my town) Women so Great"

It was a one page feature of a woman who sells body wraps (Ultimate Body Applicators). Being interested in health and staying fit, I was impressed especially after she said she quit her wedding photography business to focus on being a distributor of ItWorks! products. After 7 months she was able to earn a "very tidy monthly income."

Well, I set the page aside meaning to look up the specifics of her business on the computer.

For some reason I had never heard of the company before. And then it clicked, this company is a MLM company. GAH!!

Of all the successful local women who have opened their own businesses they chose to feature someone who is looking to schedule "wrap parties."

It seems some folks have found a measure of success with using the wraps. Google ItWorks! wraps for images of all sorts of saggy bellies that were supposedly transformed into tighter bellies.

After searching keywords ItWorks! MLM Scam, my eyebrows were raised. And after seeing the product can be purchased on Amazon, I couldn't quite grasp how an independent distributor such as this woman could be making beaucoup bucks. Maybe I'm missing something here...

Another turn off was that with the product you coat the wrap with a gel that contains, according to what I read, some unhealthy ingredients...although I have not  verified this is the case.

Have you had any experience with this company? Am I the last one to hear of it? Have  you transformed your sagging belly?

Do you hear MLM and run for the hills???

Now let me go back to earning pennies from my lucrative blog ;-)

P.S. I no sooner hit "publish" when I saw an email from a local savings website - selling Skinny Miss Wraps- and these are only $15 and promise results for 6 months! Color me skeptical - but it seems wraps are the product du jour!


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

So it was an ad "wrapped" in a ruse of pretending to be an article? Multi-level marketing will make me run for the hills too.

Rebecca Jo said...

I didn't even know what MLM was until I saw the comment above... shows how much I know.

Oh please... aint enough wrap in the world to take care of this saggy belly!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm never sure what to make of this sort of profile, anyway... are they genuine, or are they paid promotions? I bet she gets a few people signing up off the back of it, too.

Allison King said...

I sell an MLM product but still run for the hills when I hear of most MLM products. Not because they are bad, except in this case (those wraps freak me out), but because most MLM girls are PUSH-Y! I sell because I enjoy the product and like making money on something I would buy anyway. There is SO much pressure to recruit, recruit, recruit with these companies and I'm just not one to do that.

I wouldn't try the wrap gig. I'm with you.. Its probably made of skin melting chemicals, and not in the good way. LOL

Slamdunk said...

Good question Carma, but you are doing the right thing in researching before jumping in with these sorts of things.

I would think the more legit it is, the better it will look after you are done soliciting information. The scams smell initially and then get stronger the more time you dig.

McVal said...

I'm a "run for the hills" kind of gal!

Charlotte Klein said...

I never knew they were called MLMs before reading (and then Googling MLM) :) That being said, I find them to be particularly pushy and not something I'd want to sign up with. I STILL get emails about a stamping party I went to YEARS ago. Jeez, like, how many stamps could a gal possibly need??

My tummy might fare well from one of those wraps, but I'd prefer to do it the ol' fashioned way :)

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