Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WOW Those are Some High Aspirations!

This is exactly what I was referring to in my A Sobering Poll post. The future looks fairly bleak when our teens have discovered it is much more work to study and work hard at a job than it is to make a sex tape and get a quick buck instead.

It was announced today that "teen mom" Farrah Abraham sealed a 7 figure deal to distribute her sex tape with PRoN star James Deen.

Seven figures??? Assuming she is telling the truth - but even if it was more like six figures, it is sad that she had to resort to this level to keep her name in the news and to avoid having to possibly put to use her culinary degree.

Is this what we are teaching our kids? To take the easy way out?

So much of what made the "Good 'Ole Days" good was the lack of comparisons via the internet. Now it is not enough for a kid to be a good singer, dancer etc. because one click of the internet and you can always find someone who is infinitely better at something than you are - or someone who has achieved quick fame. Back when the world was a whole lot smaller there was a lot less to compare yourself to. Perhaps it was easier on the self esteem and perhaps it kept us focused on going to school and trying to get a job the old-fashioned way, which worked for decades...

Up until this generation of me, me, me, me. I want it now!! kids...

That combined with the general lack of respect - for anyone - including themselves, makes me think the best days may really have been in the past. Sad.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Why look who their role model is that skank K.Kardashian. Please!
To all the people who watch that crap and who allow their kids to we as a society are getting what we sow.

I couldn't agree more and I could drive you crazy with my thoughts on this topic.

Allison King said...

YES!! OMG! I am SO frustrated with this "ho" culture! I refuse to watch any of those shows! I wish people would turn off the skankovision and pick up a book for goodness sakes!

Charlotte Klein said...

I haven't heard about this latest sex scandal (I really need to crawl out from under this comfy rock) but you know... it is sad. I don't care who makes a sex tape, but to sell it? So the world can see?

Maybe she'll wonder if it was all worth it one day. Or maybe she's just happy with the lump sum that's soon awaiting her. Who knows.

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