Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why the Bias?

You may be assuming this post is going to be about racial profiling in wake of the Boston terror tragedy. It is not.

You may be assuming it is about a bias against people who are left-handed and wear unseemly clothing from the 70's.

Nope. Wrong on both counts....

I am speaking about the bias against PREPAID CELL PHONES!!!

I am not a tekkie (nothing new there) or someone who has to have the latest gadget, but I am positively drooling over the (cue drum roll) Samsung Galaxy:

NOTE: The one I really like is the bigger Note, but this outdated model is the one that is available on prepaid (as luck would have it :P )

The cell phone I am using now is one of those $30 Samsung's with pull out keyboard that I pay $15 a month for service via Net 10 prepaid. It has served me well, assuming I never need to (a) check and email (b) type a lengthy message since once you hit the alt key you have to consciously remember to hit it again or you type out a line that looks like this:

&&%^^^ (#@;;;

seriously, I typed a message to a friend last week that was 90% gibberish because I chose to hit the alt key to make an exclamation point. I did  not realize this until the message had been sent!!!  This is the same friend that I have at least 5 times sent a message intending to send it to VC. So I look like a complete texting fool!!

(c) Get directions easily while out and about and (d) do anything other than making a phone call.

So as you can see, I am in need of an upgrade.

VC knows I have been drooling over the Galaxy, so last night when we attended a performance at his school and the woman next to me placed down her phone - and he noticed it was a Galaxy - he gave me the eye. I asked how she liked it and she mentioned she purchased it because it was now marked down to $50 at Best Buy. I immediately said I was thinking of getting one - but without the contract since I we only use prepaid phones.

Cue immediate embarrassment on my part after I realized what I blurted out. I knew she might judge me as someone who cannot afford a phone plan, who has bad credit or is a ne'er do well.  Why is that? She probably thought nothing of the sort (she did) - but why is there such a stigma against prepaid phones?

They sure are cheap on a monthly basis without all the hidden fees. You can make up the price of the phone within a month or two with the low monthly cost for service.

I just don't get it....

As pointed out above the model is a little outdated, but I've never been one to follow the latest fad. Aside from that I can't see any drawbacks.

Enlighten me with fun stories about all that you can do with your contract cell phone service that I will be unable to do with my prepaidphone (said quickly so you won't realize it is prepaid).


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

i can pay more money for this phone than you!!

Charlotte Klein said...

I never thought about getting a prepaid cell phone but wouldn't judge someone for having one. That being said, I'm probably less tech savvy than you are but I want an iPhone because it's "pretty."

What bothers me is when my dad tells me about the latest gadgets he has. The same guy who yelled at me for getting iPods to listen to music ("you can get apps on there!") is now more tech savvy than I am.


That sure does look like a puuuurrty phone though :)

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