Monday, April 1, 2013

Not a Bad Suggestion

I hope those who celebrate the holiday had a Happy Easter!  We spent the day lugging around applicances, dismantling furniture and preparing the main floor for our bamboo floor installation which starts today - right now. I am holed up in the guest room upstairs to escape the noise...

My aching back and legs are happy for the respite!

Oh, when I say "we" spent the day lugging around furniture and appliances, that is because my able bodied teen son spent the entire day up until I picked him up at 11:30 PM with his girlfriend and her large family at her grandmother's house. It really is difficult to get a teen to do any work these days!!!  I worry for our future.

...which brings to mind the article by the mom who is a Princeton University graduate, whose two sons currently attend, who had the gall to recommend in a letter to the editor that female students snag a male student before graduating to make for a rewarding future and to avoid dating potential idiots once they are out of college and in the regular dating pool.

Well, that was the impression I got from reading the article. Others felt it had set woman back a generation and/or that she was begging for dates for her sons. It caused complete hysteria.

To me, it seems like reasonably sound advice - and I wouldn't label myself as an extremely old fashioned convervatie mom.

Others are pointing out that the school is a snob-fest and who wants to end up with someone like that. I know of someone who's son attended and they strike me as very down to earth people. I'm sure the school attracts all types - but either way, they are intelligent types, and that is not a bad thing to look for in a spouse.

What are your thoughts?


McVal said...

I totally like the idea of not dating dolts out in the general pool.... Nothing wrong with getting your M.R.S. degree! As long as it doesn't say that on your diploma that is...

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I found her offensive remarks startling.
Let alone the stupidity of 20 somethings and them not being ready for anything let alone marriage.
Incredibly stupid.
I imagine her sons aren't too swift either.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

In high school, the first boy I ever loved was a conservative and republican and came from old money. Oddly enough, he also ended up at Princeton.

I come from an upper middle class family and ended up at a state college. I don't consider myself an idiot by any means, maybe just not Ivy League material.

The boy, who I loved so much, had a mother that made him break up with me. Because she deemed me not smart enough or from high class enough people to be worthy of her son. I was trash to her.

It broke my heart for SO many reasons.

It isn't right to tell ANYONE that they should snag a certain type of person. Who cares where you go to school or work? That doesn't mean you're a good person.

I didn't read the article but from what you've said, I believe this sets HUMANS back. Gross. She sounds like someone I wouldn't care to know.

angelcel said...

Badly worded by the Princeton grad Mummy (see ... all that expensive edu-me-cation and she still sticks her foot in it). BUT it cannot be denied that if you place your kinders next to the high flyers then there is more possibility of an old-fashioned 'good' marriage. My daughters went a school where Mummies were hauling their sprogs to polo matches where Wills and Harry played. That shocked me when I heard it ... but then I thought: "hey, fiendishly clever Moriarty"! Anyway - aim high for your littlies is the thing. Finding love seems difficult for the younger generation now (witness the rise of internet dating sites) but traditionally, we tend to find love in our social circle. If our social circle is one of high flyers well then ... Having said that, I came from a wealthy family and met my husband as young teenager... the son of immigrant farmworkers, who went on to set up his own successful business in the finance industry. We're on our 33rd year together, 31 married. Q.E.D. you can plan all you like but love conquers all.

Charlotte Klein said...

I haven't heard this story... but personally, I kind of feel it's necessary to date the losers post college to really hone in on what we find attractive in a future mate. And I went to a state college because my parents couldn't afford to send me to an Ivy League (well, let's not kid ourselves here... I also wasn't REMOTELY Ivy League material). But you know what? I think I did reasonably well for myself and have my education as well as life experiences to thank.

I'm with Krysten on this one :)

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