Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Disturbing and Perplexing Things in the News

I first wrote about this topic in 2009 when a teenager died of diabetes since her parents refused medical treatment -- and it has reared its ugly head again: a couple has lost their second child because they decided to pray for healing instead of seeking medical attention. Yep, not one but two kids killed due to their negligence. Doesn't matter what your religious beliefs are, if you see an innocent baby dying - GET MEDICAL ATTENTION!!  Pray too if you are so inclined but get medical attention first!!! Pathetic!

Secondly, I can't get this picture off my mind? What the heck happened to this model's butt? A fallen implant perhaps? Disturbing.

Hope your week if off to a great start!


angelcel said...

Argh! The lunacy of organised religion - where a man / or men have decided that we will do / not do any number of [often wacky] things because that is *their* interpretation of what God wants. (Like they're on the hotline to The Great Deity)??!! : Flagellation for 'naughty' thoughts (insert your own interpretation here ...such thoughts are always accompanied by religiously instilled guilt), grow a beard, grow and never cut head hair, plait head hair, shave all bodily hair, cover your hair (we humans clearly have a thing about hair), face this way, face that way, eat this, don't eat that, feast today, to starve yourself tomorrow, hate him, hate [+ fear and demean + all manner of torture] her.... and refuse medical care. I just cant get my head around this and it makes me so sad for our species. Why can't we think for ourselves and follow the simple tenet that it's generally good to be kind and giving to one another and if in doubt, don't do what you wouldn't want done to you?

As for the fallen buttock - whatever the reason, this is a sad and very public demonstration that something is very, very wrong.

This is why I love your blog above all others Carma - it resonates with me, makes me *think* and reminds me that I'm alive. (Even if life isn't always the happy clappy world we'd like)!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh sweet goodness gracious... my eyes... why did you have me click on that picture?!? (because you made me, right?) :)

That is horrible... I expect to see a butt like that on a 95 yr old

Allison King said...

Oh. My. Word. To both actually...

So, your first part, if they are so devout, why don't they believe God invented doctors?? It only seems to fall within the "god created everybody" theory, right? I don't participate in religion so perhaps I don't know. Maybe satan created doctors, he certainly seems to have created insurance companies.

And the pic.... My eyes are melted. As the owner of a not so fantastic bum, I don't know whether to feel her pain or celebrate because mine isn't THAT bad.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am torn on this first one. It breaks my heart on so many levels. I don't happen to believe in organized religion because I see more harm than good. And here is an example. Where I am torn is making them do something they don't believe in. I have my beliefs and I hate that the government takes my rights away. So that is where I am torn. When it's kids it bugs me because they don't get a say - their damn parents crazy ass views are thrust upon them.

As for Miss Ass Cheeks. WOWSA!
She has the butt of a 90 yr old. No muscle tone. but then if she had muscle she couldn't be a size
-0 could she? We live in a crazy world where being so skinny is good. Put her in rags and make her face dirty and print the photo of her on the ground in National Geographic and everyone would send the poor thing $$ to eat. Or put her on the cover of Vogue with outrageously expensive clothes and she will be coveted.

crazy ass world don'tcha think?

McVal said...

Wow. That butt is a weird one!

Charlotte Klein said...

What the hell?! Is that a real picture?? Oh, that's so sad. Girlfriend needs to eat a sandwich. Or ten. In one sitting.

Also, ugh... that first story is so disturbing. I can't understand when parents do things like this to their children. It's horrible the kids have to suffer b/c of their parent's bad decision-making. Here's another weird story. I have a cousin in Scientology whose parents also refused him medical attention after a motorcycle accident. So he nearly died, but claims he was saved because his body needed to heal itself. The fark?! This could have had a seriously awful outcome and by sheer luck, he WAS saved. It's just sad.

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