Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Are NOT Well

MB recently had a flare-up of something that had gone into remission for years. Frustrated with the thought of being on medication potentially forever for something he had never taken medication for, and even more frustrated by the conventional medical treatment he was receiving, I suggested looking into some alternatives, namely an osteopath or acupuncture etc.

After doing some reading on the topic, I discovered acupuncture was not useful for this particular condition, and after getting some weird vibes reading about some of the "out there" osteopath techniques, we decided both those methods were out.

Well, along came the local paper with one of those ads from a local chiropractor/wellness guy promising all sorts of goodies related to this particular condition - as in getting well without Rx medication! Space at the information session was limited!!! ;-)

Color me sucked in again. Years ago I had visited one and after paying for some initial testing - did not follow through when I saw the $6K price tag, especially since much of it was for supplements.

Now, I'm all for supplements in moderation but not potentially hazardous supplements in the long term.

So there we were sitting with another wellness guy.

He performed several "nerve tests" on MB and concluded his brain was out of whack - now, I could have told them this without the testing!!!!  ;-)

Here's the interesting thing (interesting if you are a healthy/wellness geek like me who does not always eat healthy): We got home and I tried several of the tests myself - and failed as well - and so did VC to some degree.

For the two of you wondering what the tests were like: Put one of your fingers around and directly above your head with your finger pointing parallel to the ground; close your eyes and put your other finger above your head and see if you can touch the tip of the first finger spot-on. Not so easy, HUH?

Next, march in place like Frankenstein for 60 steps with your eyes closed and see if you wander or stay in the same spot. We both wandered.

When we brought this up on our next visit, that the couple friends we tested also had problems with the test, he concluded that we were all NOT well - and offered to get out the textbook to show us that those were legit tests and that he went to a convention with several doctors a while ago and that they all passed the tests with flying colors because they followed the program.

Let me wrap things up before I bore you to death. Here's the upshot: For 6 months of treatment, which will include funky test designed to get the brain back in balance - (this involves putting a tube of oxygen up your nose while you hear sounds and flashing lights) - and metabolic treatment involving lots of blood work (which I completely agree would be of some value) - plus supplements - we are looking at $7,500 to $8,000 out of pocket.

Now, I'm sure we are not the last to get pulled in by this promise of restoring ones self to good health, but what concerns me is that the next week he was advertising for an info session for another totally different condition. It smacks of used car salesman to me, but then I'm a huge skeptic.

I completely agree with a lot of his dietary changes, but that's something we can try on our own.

More on this topic later but I wanted to throw this out there to get the discussion started. Have you ever tried one of these wellness centers and found success??  No need to divulge medical conditions, just curious if anyone has found life-altering success at one of these centers, because they are everywhere!!

OMG - is this TWO posts in TWO days??? I am like a REAL blogger!


Rebecca Jo said...

First of all - I was able to do that test ... but I'm the worse person ever with health - so there you go ;)

I am just like you - will do ANYTHING to NOT take medication & get caught up in the cycle of side effects. I want to do things naturally & as holistic as possible. So I can understand your want for it so badly.

But I do know its a 'trend' that people are getting into - so that of course will bring out the vultures :( Sad, but true.

The bad thing - its so hard to find someone. I've been trying to find a naturalist doctor for YEARS - & still with no success. How hard is it to come by? But they dont teach doctors anything natural anymore. Seriously! My step daughter graduated with her PhD as a scientist & she believes in natural healing & she's amazed when she speaks to other doctors & have no clue on the most basic things.

& we wonder why health insurance costs are RIDICULOUS!

I could talk about this for DAYS!

Lisa Paul said...

Sorry, this sounds absolutely koo-koo. What about visiting a licensed nutritionist and starting a strict healthy eating program that includes probiotics supplements. Also yoga which should help with the balance. I'd say only after that DOESN'T work -- I mean after you've been very very strict with it, should you go further afield with weird stuff.

angelcel said...

After my b.h. I was left with chronic and debilitating pain that the hospital specialist and hospital physiotherapist (who also used acupuncture on me) couldn't cure.

In frustration at seeing my frequent tears and comfort rocking, my husband arranged a session with his chiropractor, Charles. Unlike the hospital specialist, Charles very gently manipulated my body and I quickly found relief from the pain that had haunted me for so long.

Chiropracty is all about slow and *gentle* manipulation to re-align our bodies around the spine (contrary to what we sometimes see portrayed on TV ... by charlatans).

Although Charles did some 'wacky' stuff like gently manipulating the bones in my face (the pain was predominantly down my arm) I have to say it worked for me when modern medicine had drawn a blank.

If your husband's pain sounds in any way similar, i.e. a mechanical / nerve issue then I highly recommend a regular chiropractor.
Over here in Europe family doctors are often happy to recommend alternative practitioners who seem to get results. I don't know if that's the case over there? As you now have connections in the medical field, perhaps a few 'feelers' put out there will produce a personal recommendation?

It's the wellness clinic side of things and thousands of Dollars worth of herbal remedies / nutritional advice that bother me about your visit.

You clearly have an interest in nutrition so undoubtedly know more than most punters. You're also happy to do background reading so ... Muppet Doctor Bob here doesn't think you need his [expensive] input on that side of things. Save your money.

Rachel Cotterill said...

That does sound a bit suspicious. I would definitely do everything to improve your general health & fitness, before even trying something like that. Also see if you can find any scientific literature - things that really work can pass controlled tests :-)

Jenn @ You know... that Blog? said...

Run the other way - it's almost definitely a scam.

By the way, I did that same test, flunked it the first time, sat for a minute, then tried it again and got it spot-on. It means nothing.

Good luck - and while I don't like chiropractors per se, it's definitely worth a try if nothing else is working. You just never know. (Plus, they're not horribly expensive.)

McVal said...

Does he have a brochure? and does it offer snake oil?...
You know you can cure warts in other ways...

Lucy said...

I am sorry to hear your husband is unwell. I have no experience with wellness centers and wouldn't want to comment, I guess you should just go with your best instinct. I wish your husband the best of luck.

Charlotte Klein said...

Okay, so I totally failed that finger-over-the-head test :p

Also, I'm with you, this all sounds a bit used car salesman-y to me... I'm glad you're not falling for it; I think you're better off going to someone who is licensed in nutrition and can give you supplements (or at least healthy eating advice) that will work for you.

Best of luck to you all! XOXO

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