Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just Go Away Lance!

Several months ago I posted on Facebook at the time that things were starting to heat up with the doping scandal, that Lance was guilty and that he should just go ahead and admit it. My post was based on A. my gut feeling and B. knowledge that I had from people involved w/competitive cycling.

Well, you would have thought I had dissed the good Lord himself. Within two seconds, two people immediately jumped my crap. I could not believe people would so blindly defend him to the ends of the earth. They said that having passed 500 or whatever amount of tests, he HAD to be innocent plus all good he did w/Livestrong, meaning he was untouchable.

Now with the very anti-climactic Oprah interview, which is obviously a ploy for him to get back into competitive sports in attempt to make more millions since he is expecting people to forgive him, I see some folks are still defending him.

Interesting who people choose to defend. And to think Pete Rose gambled on some baseball games LOL.


Gemma said...

I agree with the title. I don't even care anymore! Haha.

And the football player with the fake girlfriend? Lord. Make him go away, too!

angelcel said...

We caught part 2 of the interview on TV last night and I have to say that apart from one reference about talking to his son when he seemed genuinely upset, I found anything he said hard to believe. I think when you lie so consistently, for so long, you start to believe your own version of events.

Yes, it did smell of an attempt to publicly throw himself on his sword and be forgiven, and it didn't work for me.

This kind of cheating and lying chips away at our belief in all kinds of great things. I found myself thinking of Bradley Wiggins last night and hoping that we won't find our UK cycling hero has been similarly up to something. And for that, Lance, yes you should just go quietly away.

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Could not agree more with everything you said. He does not deserve to get back into competition, have sponsors, make money, ect. He deserves to be an outcast and seen for the lying, cheating, drug user he is.

Lucy said...

I am not surprised that people will defend someone they believe in, I do believe that we voted for Bill Clinton after he lied to us about having sexual relations with an intern, in most work places that is considered sexual harassment,and people get fired for that behavior, technically he was her boss? A boss should not ever have sex with an underling,ever! Anyway,he then lied to US, and technically WE, the voters are his boss and yet we turned around and voted his bottom right back in office,and destroyed a young,starry eyed intern's reputation. Funny, how we accepted his 'error' the older, more mature one (not to mention married guy who made a promise to a wife)and ripped the young lady to shreds,hm? So yeah, nothing surprises me! True believers in someone have a way to find forgiveness in a person's faults, we move our lines for those we love or admire all the time.

Charlotte Klein said...

I have to admit, I was one of the last to defend him. I dunno why, I just had such a hard time believing that anyone would be capable of lying to THAT degree... I just... didn't want to think that he (or anyone) could do such a thing. It comes as a harder blow because of all the good he has seemingly done with his organization. He essentially used his goodwill for narcissistic reasons... which is something I can't ever excuse.

It makes me so very sad. For his children especially, but for everyone in the cycling world and his inner circle that he's betrayed all these years.

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