Friday, November 30, 2012

You are NOT to Old Take it from Me and Marie!!

No idea how I stumbled upon this video this morning but I am happy I did:

It is no surprise this is something I have been struggling with for quite some time now. I flip flop from one thing to the other and never settle down or feel fulfilled.

As I wait for my sparkly shiny new countertops to be installed -yay !!! I have been watching this video and more importantly gaining lots of inspiration from the comment section:

If you think you are too old, you will be motivated to get off your butt and do whatever it is you have been wanting to do.

You know what - I am thinking of taking some Pilates classes on the official Pilates equipment. Stopped into a studio and I truly feel like it is something that may reshape my mind as well as my body. Who knows, by this time next year, I could be a Pilates instructor in training. I've got the anatomy requirement under my belt. Just need to get toned up and stop telling myself I am "too old, not pretty enough, not tall and willowy enough, and not rich-enough looking to do it." Yeah, all that silly jazz....



P.S. I have burned a new feed it you would like to try to resubscribe so that the feed updates :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Out and About on Black Friday? Oh Yes I Was!!

I've written before about how I detest both getting up early and waiting in long lines for things. Consequently, it came as quite a surprised when I agreed to go with a friend and her kids do do some Black Friday shopping this morning.

First, she picked me up at the bright and early hour of 10:45 a.m.

We headed to Kohl's armed with our coupons!!  I used to shop there more years ago but I still go occasionally - and my thoughts this morning were that I would grab up one of those Kitchen Aid stand mixers that I saw in the Black Friday flyer. Yes indeed. I had my heart set on one, especially once I calculated the savings taking into account the $10 coupon plus the 15% off coupon plus the extra early bird 10% discount plus the $15 for every $50 spent dealy.

Here's the irony, as so eloquently explained in a comment from my cousin's wife: "Hmmmm, should come in handy w/all that cooking that u do ;-D"

Well, the cat is outta the bag regarding my non-cooking.

It was more of an early Christmas gift for MB even though it is far from his real gifts, to be detailed later. He can use it when he makes pizza and his pretzels on Christmas Eve.

Another thing that totally rocked was that my friend's daugher agreed to stay in line - and it was an extensive line- while we ran around and picked out our stuff. Please don't hate me for this ;-) I finally found the mixer after 15+ minutes waiting at customer service, because for some reason the folks at Kohl's decided to put that mixer in the middle of the aisle near the shoe department as opposed with the rest in the kitchen area - go figure!!!  I arrived at the cash register just as she finished her transaction so I had zero wait time. Super awesome!!!

Did you score any Black Friday deals today?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Se Habla Español?

Last week was insanely busy workwise - so crazy hours - between substituting and my medical thing - which required two stints from 8-midnight. It truly felt good to be productive once again.

There were a lot of Spanish speaking employees at two of the health screenings - which got me to thinking - it would be extremely advantageous to pick up some phrases in Spanish.

Have any of you taken any online courses in Spanish for medical professionals - specifically geared towards the nutrition end of things?

I am far from a "quick study" when it comes to languages, as evidence the months I spent studying sign language and all I really remember is the symbol for "fire" since it was funky....

This is the last weekend of the Renaissance Festival which means I will be sleeping late again on the weekends. Oh joyous joy!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Carma Paints (again!)

Well, after a few years away from painting, I decided to do another folk art angel piece yesterday and uploaded it to my reactivated etsy shop:

Honestly I have been feeling a little tired and uninspired lately and hopefully it is not reflected in the piece.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful November weekend!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Learning Something New

VC had a project for school, where he was to learn something new and write about it. His first thought, to go into the wilderness with twenty rolls of duct tape, a bowl and saran wrap to see if he could survive.

He seriously approached me with this suggestion and was shocked when I shot it down! It was time for me to present a few alternate, "safer" suggestions. The first that came to mine was tightrope walking. The big snafu with that idea was where to procure some steel rope at affordable pricing. Then a lightbulb came on. I remembered our friends down the block had a slackline. VC asked if he could borrow it and despite his initial frustrations and exasperation that he would never be able to do it, he now easily navigates across the rope.

Now that he is almost 17 we don't get to spend as much time together, so I was happy when he expressed an interest in teaching me to slackline. Surprisingly, I am not as clumsy as I thought I'd be!

I can barely take a step...but today was just my first day...

Raising a teen has presented many more challenges than I had been expecting. Taking a little time out from butting heads was a nice stress reliever :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Job Du Jour

I am sucker for "finding your passion articles." Walking home from a 7 mile walk today, I stopped by the local health market down the block from my house. I went in for lettuce and tomatoes but after noticing the lettuce was wilted and the tomatoes were $3.99 a lb, I left. After grabbing a couple copies of the free local magazine that had a full page feature article on VC this month with an awesome photo -WOOT! I noticed one of the topics in this month's Natural Awakenings magazine was finding your passion.

As excited as I get over these articles hoping they will shed some light on the rut I'm in, I read it while walking the rest of the way home. Imagine my dismay when once again it was about someone becoming a life coach. And then the person she coached also ended up becoming a life coach.

Granted there was more to the article than this example, but it seems an awful lot of people are becoming life coaches, sometimes in only 2 days (according to the ad in the same magazine). With so many life coaches out there, I sure hope there are others doing some work so that they can be coached.

Why so jaded? I went to a life coach once before. It was nothing that enlightening that I couldn't figure out for myself....

Have you ever been to a life coach? Thought of becoming one? (in only 2 days!)
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