Saturday, October 27, 2012

College Tours Have Begun!

Yesterday we spent the day touring two universities in our fine state. And let me tell you, it was exhausting!

I will not name college names because then I'll feel like crap for dissing them since both had a couple "interesting" aspects of their tours. And you never know, VC may do a 180 and apply to both.

VC wasn't that fired up about either college, or the idea of college in general for that matter ;-) but I am sure that we will eventually find one to his liking even if I have to establish the college myself....

Unusual thing about the first college:  there is a mandatory winter session where students take such courses as the history of presidential assassinations, the study of Harry Potter books and an equivalent Twilight-type course having to do with the study of vampire books. Now I don't know about you but if I was spending $40K a year on college I'd be dang sure my student was taking courses that would enhance potential employment opportunities upon graduation!!!! These seemed like the equivalent of Basket Weaving 101.

Other than that, the campus was nice, and most importantly the pool had a diving board. (VC has a strict list of required amenities)...

Then it was off to the second campus located a hour away. As soon as we set foot in the admissions area, I got the vibe that I should be wearing a smoking jacket.

It was very buttoned-down, old boys club formal. Some of the parents were wearing suits. As you know from my blog, that is about the farthest thing from our "scene."

VC was getting some bad vibes. And this is a prestigious university with an insanely high tuition. Parents were to remain in the auditorium and we received an interesting lecture by one of their bio professors regarding rising obesity rates. I only fell asleep 4 times. That was mainly due to my own exhaustion, not the quality of the lecture. Still, it was odd.

When VC emerged from his student room, he said that they spent the hour discussing death, as his group was assigned to a Philosophy professor.

I'm not sure that this type of lecture format is the way to get kids excited about college, unless it was part of the weeding out process intended to scare away those who are not overly academic.

Long story short, I can breathe a sigh of relief not having to pay $58K a year tuition that I don't have...

Fun times!

And now I will gently steer him in the direction of our fine, affordable state schools...

Printcopia: A Review

I recently realized that although I have plenty of photos of VC hanging around the house, there was not one of him juggling!!!  Considering he has been juggling since he was 10 years old, it was time to display a juggling photo - and I knew just the photo to use.

When Printcopia offered an opportunity to review their canvas prints, I jumped at the chance, knowing I would get my very own canvas print of VC juggling at a Vaudeville Show a couple years ago, doing his contortionist juggling act. Although you cannot tell from the photo, which was beautifully printed by Printcopia, he is in fact juggling 5 balls with his leg behind his head. Don't try that at home unless you have a chiropractor on call...

Unfortunately I struggled with taking a good photo of my canvas, so I put it on the ledge. If you prefer to hang your photos on the wall, your canvas will arrive with a sawtooth hook ready to hang!

I am thrilled with my new canvas print and VC is too :)

Printcopia provides a quality product at a very reasonable price. You may also be interested in additional sources for quality print products, such as car magnets, cheap signs, and vinyl banners.

Full Disclosure: I was provided with a product for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's RenFest Time!!

Hard to believe this is VC's 4th year with the Renaissance Festival! Yesterday was my first day visiting him  at the 2012 festival and it was a blast as always.

Here I am with the Lord Mayor.

I realized the other day how nice it is to have some free time. Now that I have scaled back on my online activities and completed my studies - it has opened up time to get my house/life in order. And it feels darn good!!

If you are feeling overwhelmed I would encourage you to do the same. Your online life will always be there - unlike your real life with kids who will be out of the house before you know it....

Looking forward to going to some college tours in the next few weeks :)

Hope you are enjoying your fall - so many activities to take advantage of!

Friday, October 12, 2012

I Need to Upgrade to a Smart Phone Darnit!!

I do believe today was the last straw. By not having constant access/email notifications I missed out on my second work gig this month :-(

Technically I have a smart phone, only according to VC it is a 1G - so it is really not that smart; therefore, I have never accessed the internet except by accident.

I do love the phone as it has one of those slide out keypads. It is mostly used to keep tabs on VC (which he loves - NOT!) - so I have yet to program in any contacts other than the few VC added when I got the phone 9 mos ago.

I'm sure the phone will quickly pay for itself. I think I'll sign up w/one of those prepaid smartphone plans. If anyone is on one of those plans and it is ridiculously inexpensive - please share :)

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