Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have You Been Watching the Olympics?

Dunnnn...Dunnn...Da Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn....I didn't think I'd be getting into them as much as I am. It is quite a nice stress reliever in the evenings. With VC doing gymnastics flips and diving I now look at things through different eyes and can completely respect the talent.

...and watching Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh with their butt signaling? awesome!!

I'm finding it is also a  nice distraction to the camera bidding I am doing on ebay. Instead of obsessing about the clock ticking down - I continue to watch the Olympics and check only when there is a break in the action. The things we do for our kids!!!!

How is your summer moving along?

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Thought or Two from my Facebook Stream

My friend the sub guy at Harris Teeter always puts things nicely in perspective, as well as giving us a great reality check when he chuckled about the lost camera and said, "you ain't getting that back."

Sad, but probably true. I was joking with VC that if he happens to see a video of butterflies in slow motion on the facebook feed of the guide who is "looking" for the camera, it may be a clue as to the camera's whereabouts-- kidding!

In the meantime I'll keep an eye out for it on ebay in case we can buy it back.

Another thought: I shared this from a friend's post: "A man's biggest mistake is to give another man the opportunity to make his woman smile."

I believe there is an incredible amount of truth to that statement. Of course, MB countered that of course women would say that and the same can be said about them as well...

Maybe...or not...


And one final thought, David Beckham in suit on boat....mmmmm....suddenly I like boating :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Juggling Convention - and More!

It's been a hectic week...which is not much change from the rest of the summer. VC, back in town from Costa Rica, had a juggling convention to attend. I drove up and back the first two days but then decided that getting home after 1:00 am was getting exhausting, only to have to turn around and go back the next day - so I permitted VC to stay at a hotel with 4 other jugglers the next few days.

I just about went into full-on panic mode Friday morning. I received a call from my friend at the convention. It was almost 12:45 in the afternoon. As we were about to hang up she said, "Everybody is asking about VC. No one has seen him all morning." In a high-pitched voice I said "Where is heeeeeee??" at which time she told me she had to go because her son was calling on the other line. (She never got the chance to tell me that the other members of his group were also not there.)

After several frantic minutes where I tried to call the only person from the room whose number I had, come to find out I had transposed the digits, VC finally picked up his phone. (I had been trying to reach him all morning but he was fast asleep.) He had gotten back to the hotel at 5 am that morning. Jugglers do not keep the best track of time or get to bed at a reasonable hour I can see....

This is something I know I need to work on. My ability to imagine the worst possible scenario, wherein I had  VC wandering around the town at night unable to find the  hotel and that someone had snatched him up.

The reason this was the first thing to come to mind was that he called me at 2:00 am the night before (thinking it was 12:00 since he didn't see the '1') and he said they had not yet gone back to the hotel. I was worried the other guys may not have seen him and had already left for the hotel and that VC would have no idea how to get back.

So you see, it was a plausible situation - him never making it back to the hotel. I'm not crazy ;-)

Anyway, long story short, the convention was spectacular. VC got to meet many of his juggling 'heros'.

He also won a medal in the infinite suicide endurance competition with the diabolo. Here we are with his friend and fellow medalist Paul.

Another huge highlight of the week was meeting Eric from the Diabology videos that VC purchased when he was 9 years old. He learned much of what he knows from the videos. Eric is an incredibly talented performer and all around nice guy. He came over from France to perform with his group Cie Ea Eo. It was an energizing performance that VC is still raving about.

Here's VC with another inspiration, diabolist extraordinaire Matt Hall, and Eric Longequel.

Sometimes those who have made an impact in your childhood never get to hear that so it is always an honor to get to meet your inspirations and let them know how much they've influenced your talents!

As you can see I was just as excited as VC was!

In other non-juggling news, I have an interview scheduled for Thursday. More to come on that as well as the situation with my hearing, or lack of hearing which will affect how I use the stethoscope :-(

Monday, July 16, 2012

Since When??

Well, VC has returned from his trip to Costa Rica!! It was a trip of a lifetime. I think he would have loved to have stayed. What he liked most was the relaxed attitude - nothing was a problem...Here everyone is so tense. The Costa Ricans live by the slogan Pura Vida which means pure life.

The family  he stayed with had an incredibly modest house, with a roof, but no ceilings. Just the basics. And yet he could sense they were much happier than folks living here. He loved the simplicity and I hope it is something that will stay with him for life.

Anyhoo, that's where the nirvana ended because as soon as he landed he mentioned that he had lost his camera. Not only did it contain 95% of his trip photos, but it was a camera I had to search on ebay to find. It is rare to find a used one for sale. So after 9 months it is gone :-(  assuming the guide is unable to locate it at the butterfly center they visited before boarding the bus to the airport *fingers crossed*

I sincerely wish I was not the kind of person to be bothered by this. But instead of being all excited about his return I was sadly pre-occupied with the loss of the camera. Very silly I know.

I expressed my frustration a couple times at which point I was told to stop bringing it up...

Which got me to thinking, since when am I unable to express frustrations????  Everyone else seems to have free license to do so....

Granted I do tend to dwell on things...

and maybe people would like me to shut up at times. Many times.

But does that mean I lose the right to express my dismay???

**if you are reaching me here - I am back to my old blogger blog. if you wish to get updates you will need to add it to your reader http://carmasez.blogspot.com if you don't wish to get updates, don't do that :D -- or nevermind - it is still messed up :-(

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where Do I Start

I figured I'd post an update on all the exciting goings on around here. Only they aren't very exciting.

My internship wrapped up a week ago and since then I've been trying to get organized and to start exercising daily again. I really softened up with 10 months of focusing on school. I hear jogging adds 5.6 years to your life, hence I decided to try it this morning. I still hate it as much as I did prior. Probably will stick with the elliptical and weights. boooooring.

Sent in a resume the other day for a local doctor who has a part-time opening. It is mostly administrative, not clinical but it is a foot in the door. Also applied for a PRN (as needed) job with an orthopedist. Thing is that most jobs are requiring 1-2 years experience which I do not have. Gonna have to wow them with my "maturity" instead ;-)

How official do I look in my scrubs????

And for fun I applied for a cake decorating position at a local supermarket. The salary was comparable to Med Assisting. Ends up that without experience I'd have to start in the deli department though (which was not specified in the ad), so I kindly declined the interview. If I'm gonna work in a supermarket it's gotta be something fun!! *not that there is anything wrong with a deli job; I may still end up there...

Starting over jobwise at the bottom in my mid-forties is very daunting. And depressing.

Looking to keep it part-time for now so I can fully enjoy VC's activities the next two years before he heads off to college. sniff. sniff.

I would so love to be doing something creative but that is not where the jobs are and all of my creative endeavors in the past have been epic failures in one sense or another.

Will keep you updated on whether I actually land an interview and how that goes. Interviews were never my forte.

Boy, I can just sense all the positivity in this post already!!

That's about it in a nutshell. I graduated with my Medical Assisting diploma, finished my internship, spent a few days in lovely Charleston, SC and am now spending my free time trying to get organized, price out new tires, catch up on paperwork, carting VC around to gigs, exfoliating, yadda yadda yadda.

I sure hope your lives are a lot more exciting. Enlighten me :)

Oh, and VC is on a trip to Costa Rica. That lucky dude!!! Plus he was on a local morning news show last week.

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