Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pizza Pizza

MB has gone Italian. When he does something he DOES it full on, unlike me who tends to be too lazy to overdo anything ;-) except worrying...

So when he decided we needed to eat brick oven pizza on a regular basis, he built a pizza oven in the backyard. Today was the taste test.

Four 12" pizzas for the two of us was plenty :D may recognize the apron from my Girlfriends line....even suitable for manly pizza chefs.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

So Proud of My Talented Son!

This weekend he participated in his first ever dive meet. He's been taking lessons for a few months once a week and while he is just doing diving because it is something he loves to do - he decided to participate in a Dive Meet.  Here he is diving from the 5M platform (in slow motion).

Hope you are having a relaxing and fun weekend!  We'll be enjoying another day of diving tomorrow and then it's back to 'work' - as in the work I pay for and receive no compensation for internship work....

Natural Gemstones Can Make a Statement

Now that things are settling down a bit (very little bit) I've had some time to slow down (on weekends at least) and appreciate things a little more. I still have an overwhelming interest in art and artistic jewelry.

MB and VC are headed to a wedding while I'll be here finishing up my internship and its accompanying project.  Knowing that I still had some artsy connections he asked about getting a ring with his family crest re-sized to fit VC so that he could wear it to the wedding.

Luckily I remembered that we have a local jeweler who is an incredibly skilled artist/craftsman, so he brought the ring there to be re-sized.

It is a good connection to have since I recently was presented a stunning Prasiolite gemstone from Custom Jewelry can make an incredibly unique statement. I can't wait to have the gem set into a ring or pendant setting of my own design. It is unfortunate that Mother's Day has passed since the gem would be lovely for Mothers Pendants.

It will be fun to get the right side of my brain working again - in designing a funky setting :)

Full Disclosure: I received a gem for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was provided.
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