Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dude, Where's My Car?

Can senility not be far behind??  On Thursday I had an important mission: To go to the main campus, pick up my graduation gown and get a photo ID made for my clinical which begins in mid-May.

First, I decided I didn't need to look up the address to program into my GPS because it was probably already in there as a "recent location." ----> that being my first mistake.

The address I set it to was the DMV!!!!!!

But, no bother, I figured I'd navigate by feel to get there. After driving for 10 minutes and not seeing anything I recognized I realized I was going the wrong way...

Long story short, I went at least 1/2 an hour out of my way.

Finally found the campus and parked my car in the first available spot.

I made my way to the college bookstore to pick up my cap and gown and my "frugalness" won over and I decided to just purchase the tassel and use my husbands gown from about 12 years ago since it was also black. I figured with my heels the length would fall to mid-calf which it did. Compared to my classmates, I will have more of a "loose fitting" gown but WTH, it saved me $23.

Would you believe the tassel cost $7.50 - for a TASSEL????

Well then, I proceeded back to the parking lot, only to not see my car - ANYWHERE.  I wandered around in the rain for about 10 minutes - to another lot. Still no car.

At that point I gave up and headed on foot to my next destination, the off-campus security office to get my ID made. Luckily the woman in the bookstore gave me a map.

I got my ID badge made only to realize somewhere along the way the tassel had slipped out of my bag. O.M.G. it was turning out to be a positively crappy day.

I managed to retrace my steps, which was no small feat considering my sense of direction, and found it on a soggy sidewalk around the corner.

So there you have it, I am rapidly approaching my 80's...

Finals are next week so I'll be incommunicado. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's All About the Occult

Fear not, I have not embarked on a magical, mystical journey, much to the dismay of my family.

Instead, I have been trying to persuade them to give me some stool samples for fecal occult blood testing that we are doing tomorrow as part of my Medical Assisting Curriculum.

I've discovered that a good way for me to entice VC to permit me to check his blood pressure more often (for practice) - is to threaten him with a fecal sample kit ;-)

Two weeks to go until finals and then my clinical. I'm a little skeered about the second part. Hopefully I won't appear to be a complete imbecile once I am practicing in real life :-O) Today I took a little "creative licensing" in doing some wound bandaging by pretending to have a smaller wound. My prof jumped in to alert me that there is no "creativity in bandaging." I have a feeling my art background will NOT be a huge asset in this endeavor *sigh*.

Be well....


There's Still Time... join the party.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

This is my fourth year participating in the Ultimate Blog Party. The first year, my readership grew considerably from my party participation. Each year since then, I've met lots of new folks and gained some new readers, which is all that I had hoped for since I haven't been as active as I once was with my blogging. tsk tsk ;-)

In addition to new blogging friends, I've also met several partiers through Twitter and it is always nice to see their shining profile pics and interact with them.

As the icing on the cake I even won 2 prizes in past years...You just never know!

If you are still on the fence, you may want to go ahead and sign up before all that is left is empty drink cups and plates encrusted with cake crumbs :D

Friday, April 13, 2012

One Party I Don't Wanna Miss!

I'm not much of a partier. I know I've had you all fooled..

But there is one party I have penciled in as a "must not miss" event - 5 Minutes for Mom's Ultimate Blog Party 2012.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

In the past years I've written semi-creative blog party posts, but this year, with my new role as "middle aged college student," I've not got any free brain cells - to prepare a snazzy post. But if you are interested in learning more about me, please visit the "About Me" tab - for such interesting facts as my legs being 79% hairfree although now it is more like 92%...

I'm happy you've stopped by my little corner of the blogosphere to visit - and I plan on visiting each and every one of your sites - All in good time since I've got finals coming up :-O)

- carma
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